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Scourg Barrow, headquarters of the Necromancers

Scourg Barrow is an enormous underground complex deep within the Dragontail Mountains. It serves as headquarters to the Necromancers along with their vicious leader Mannimarco, otherwise known as The King of Worms. All types of hideous undead creatures are roaming through the dark hallways of this gloomy place.

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Hall of the NecromancersEdit

Guard of the Necromancers
Hall of the Necromancers

Deep within Scourg Barrow is the Hall of the Necromancers. It is the place where they are all assembled. At the end of the hall is a white stone sarcophagus and The King of Worms stands right aside it. There are also numerous wooden coffins and rotten corpses scattered inside the hall.Two Ancient Liches and a Vampire Ancient serve to protect the gathering, but they will not act aggressively until they are attacked.

The King of Worms

Dungeon LayoutEdit

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

                    B0000012  B0000013          
          B0000011  S0000200 @S0000205  B0000001
          B0000010  S0000201  B0000002          
B0000009  W0000028  S0000202  B0000003          
B0000008  S0000204  S0000203  N0000000  B0000004
          B0000007  W0000010  B0000005          

Dungeon-Modules: 22
Quest Locations: 18

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