Map of Iliac BayEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay (labeled).png

A map of the Iliac Bay region showing the names of the various regions.

Political ViewsEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay Political View.png

A political map of the Iliac Bay.

Iliac Bay RegionsEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay Regions.gif

A map of Iliac Bay showing the Daggerfall region codes.

DF-map-Iliac Bay Regions Endgame.png

This concept map shows Daggerfall regions at the end of game.

Vampire bloodlinesEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay Vampires.png

A map of the Iliac Bay showing the territory of each vampire bloodline.

Climate RegionsEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay Climate.png

A map of Iliac Bay showing the Daggerfall climate regions using a color code.

Iliac Bay HeightmapEdit

DF-map-Iliac Bay Heightmap.png

A digitally enhanced heightmap of the Iliac Bay.

DF-concept-Iliac Bay 3D Map.png

A concept map showing the Iliac Bay in 3D relief. Original from the DaggerXL project.