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Daggerfall:High Rock

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High Rock is one of the nine provinces of Tamriel, found in the northwest section of the continent. It is traditionally the home of the Breton people, the "native" people of High Rock, characterized by relatively light skin and straight or wavy hair, who have divided the province into multiple Breton city states and minor kingdoms. Among the kingdoms that make up the province of High Rock are the kingdoms of Daggerfall and Wayrest. The northern tip of central High Rock also contains Orsinium, the City-State of the Orc.

Tamarilyn Point is found in the province's Menevia region. High Rock is separated from Hammerfell to the south by the Iliac Bay and Bjoulsae River.

For more information, see the main lore article.


  • When the player enters any part of the world map where a sizable body of water (e.g., lakes, rivers, etc.) is present, the game will consider them to be in the "High Rock sea coast" region, regardless of whether they are in High Rock, Hammerfell, or anywhere in-between.