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Hammerfell is one of the nine provinces of Tamriel, found in the northwest section of the continent, bordering Skyrim, the Imperial Province, and High Rock, the latter of which is found north of the Isle of Balfiera. It is traditionally the home of the Redguard people, and among the kingdoms that rule in the province is the Kingdom of Sentinel.

The Redguards are the "native" people of Hammerfell who landed in Tamriel more than three thousand years ago, having fled to Tamriel after the old land they inhabited was destroyed,[1] and defeated the Goblin army they found when they arrived.[2] The are characterized by relatively dark skin, and wavy or curly hair.[3] Extremely hardy and quick, legend has it that the Redguard are innately more proficient with weaponry than any other race, and make the most naturally talented excellent warriors in Tamriel, as if created for battle. In addition to their affinity for weaponry, Redguards are blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot.[3][4]

Hammerfell is made up of many different climates, including the subtropical coasts near Sentinel, the deserts of the Alik'r, the wastelands of Dak'fron, the swamps of Tigonus, the woodlands of the Dragontail Mountains, and the jungles of Bantha. The werewolf is only found in the woodlands of High Rock and rarely in the jungles of Hammerfell. One of the great tragic stories told in northern Hammerfell is of the group of cruel and beautiful witches who were transformed into hideous, deranged half-breed Harpies.[3]

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