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Daggerfall:Castle Faallem

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West side of the castle
Courtyard of the castle

Castle Faallem is a large castle on the tiny island just before the mainland of Sentinel. It is rumored that it once served as a crypt for the Underking, but was abandoned a long time ago.

This is one of two random dungeons which may be used for The Missing Prince, the other being The Fortress of Fhojum.

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

b004 w006 b000     
b001 n026 b001     
b002 n006 w022 b014
     b008 b009

Dungeon-Modules: 13
Quest Locations:  8

Finding the Quest LocationsEdit

This walkthrough is just a suggestion, since all eight quest locations can be reached on more than one way. For example, quest locations 7 and 8 can also be reached through a sewer-like area, similar to the one inside Castle Wayrest. Players may well detour from the suggested paths and explore the dungeon on their own.

The first quest location is pretty near the entrance; just go down the stairs, turn south, and go into the room. In the closet of this room is some random loot and quest location 1.

To reach the second quest location, leave the room and follow the hallway. Turn north at the junction and follow the hallway further down some stairs. Turn south at the bottom and head east at the junction. Go through the door into the room.

Leave this room through the other doorway. Through the next door is an enemy, a pig in a cage, and a small closet with a locked door. Inside this closet is quest location 2 on top of some crates. Leave the room through the west doorway and follow the hallway, going through the next door.

You have reached a very interesting dungeon module, a dry version of a huge room with a central tower. There are some interesting features; for example, some siege units are stored at the ground. There are numerous enemies at the ground and on the various catwalks and ledges, mostly knights and warriors, so watch out for arrows. Your own arrows may be helpful here. You enter this huge room at the northeast corner; quest location 3 is near a brazier on a nearby tower. Levitating, climbing, or using the various catwalks will work. To reach quest location 4, make your way over to the central tower in the southwest corner of the room.

East of this central tower is a passage guarded by an enemy leading to a room where quite a few treasure piles are stored. The floor in front of this room triggers a dangerous trap, which will fire at and eventually kill you if you touch the floor. Levitating into the room is advised. Go up the spiral staircase in the central tower.

On top of the staircase is a locked door; open it and go through the other door in this room, but kill the present foes. Follow the hallway through a locked doorway into another room with two enemies and a trapdoor. The trapdoor leads to the bottom of the huge room, a likely lethal fall absent a slowfall or levitation spell. In the north room is a tall cage; inside is quest location 4.

Go back to the northeast corner of the huge room, where you have entered it for the first time, and go through the door to the north.

Go west and turn north at the junction to find a deep hole. Jump or levitate several levels down through that hole to the bottom to find two enemies. Quest location 5 is in the southwest corner on top of a big crate. The room to the north contains some random loot. Go back to the level where you have dropped down the hole; either levitate back up or leave through the other door and follow the hallways and stairs up some levels.

When you are again by the hole on the same level you previously went down, go south from the hole and turn west at the junction. Follow the hallway up past a secret door and over the opening of the hole on this level. Follow the hallway further past a door, which leads back to the top level of the huge room with the central tower, until you come to a lever. Pull this lever and it will assemble a catwalk at the top of the large room you just entered.

Follow the ledge of this large room further north and go through the door at the end.

Follow the hallway east and up, past a door and an enemy until you are at the top of this large room. You will find quest location 6 in the middle of the catwalk you have previously assembled by pulling the lever. To reach the last two quest locations, go back to the door you have previously passed.

Follow the short staircase down into a room and go through the door to the east. Keep walking east and enter the next door you come across. Inside this room is an enemy and inside the closet of this room you will find quest location 7.

To reach the final quest location, leave the room and go north down some stairs. At the doorway, turn west and squeeze yourself through the window in this hallway. Once you are at the other side, go up the stairs to the north and enter the first room you come across. Inside you will find an enemy and three sarcophagi. Inside the open sarcophagus is quest location 8.



  • This walkthrough can also be used for other dungeon-modules that are identical to those used for Castle Faallem.