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Castle Llugwych, headquarters of The Blades

Castle Llugwych is a large fortress in the central part of Ykalon in the Iliac Bay region. It serves as the headquarters of the Blades in the region. Because of its sensitive function, the castle is well-guarded. See the lore article here.

Dungeon LayoutEdit

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

B0000002  W0000009 @S0000120
B0000003  N0000023  B0000009
B0000004  N0000045  S0000121
          B0000005  B0000006

Dungeon-Modules: 12
Quest Locations:  9

Related QuestsEdit


The correct model for the castle
  • Due to a bug, this location re-uses the exterior model of Direnni Tower instead of the correct unique model. This bug is fixed in HackFall, a third-party patch.
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