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The Yeorth Burrowland is an area near Anticlere in southern High Rock. Two notable locations are close by, the Ravennian Forest and Cryngaine Field. The burrowland is where the armies of Sentinel encamped after the battle of Reich Gradkeep and before the Battle of Cryngaine Field. The 18th of Morning Star is known as the Waking Day, when the people of the Yeorth Burrowland wake the spirits of nature after the winter, somewhat like their more reverential ancestors, in one of the oldest holidays in High Rock.

Appearance In-gameEdit

Yeorth Burrowland makes an accidental appearance in Daggerfall, being misplaced at the border between Dak'fron and the Dragontail Mountains, nowhere near Anticlere. The region is disconnected, occupies only 2 map pixels, and contains no locations.

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  • The POLITIC.PAK game file places the Yeorth Burrowland at 1000x500 coordinates (736, 494) and (737, 496).
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