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Daggerfall:Ilessan Hills (city)

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For the region, see Ilessan Hills.

Ilessan Hills City: City Summary
City State Ilessan Hills Buildings
Walled Yes Type Count
Palace Yes Alchemists 2
Cemetery Yes Armorers 3
Guilds Banks 2
The Dark Brotherhood Yes Bookstores 8
The Fighters Guild Yes Clothing Stores 1
The Mages Guild Yes General Stores 8
The Thieves Guild Yes Gem Stores 3
Knightly Order None Libraries 1
Temple The Order of Arkay Pawn Shops 0
Quests Residences 239
Quest Locations 129 Shopping Plaza 1
Houses associated with Faction Taverns 19
Weapon Smiths 1

The city of Ilessan Hills is the provincial seat of Ilessan Hills, a province of High Rock.

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