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Skyrim:Abandoned Lodge

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Abandoned Lodge
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 10
Baldor Iron-Shaper, Thalmor Soldiers
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2AbandonedLodge, DLC2AbandonedLodgeExterior01
Northeast of Bloodskal Barrow
Southwest of Frostmoon Crag
Special Features
# of Grindstones 1
The Abandoned Lodge

The Abandoned Lodge is an abandoned shack northeast of Bloodskal Barrow and southwest of Frostmoon Crag.

It is an old hunting lodge built in the traditional Nordic style common in Skyrim. It contains little of importance except during the quest A New Source of Stalhrim. Prior to starting the quest, the door is key-locked; you will be unable to enter until the quest has started.


Baldor Iron-Shaper
Thalmor Soldiers
Appear after starting the related quest.
Returns to Skaal Village after completing the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit



In front of the entrance is a campfire, three snowberry bushes, a bear trap, a meat barrel, two empty barrels, three sacks, and two crates. Along the northeast wall are two more bear traps, a meat barrel, an empty barrel, four sacks, three crates, two snow bear pelts, and a knapsack. To the left of the entrance is an empty barrel and a grindstone. To the right of the entrance is a meat barrel, an empty barrel, two sacks, and a crate. Once the related quest has begun, four hostile Thalmor soldiers, one of whom carries the key to the lodge, will be on guard outside.

Abandoned LodgeEdit

The first floor

The entrance leads into a derelict building strewn with scattered debris and cobwebs. In the southeast corner is a single bed. In the northeast corner are three snow bear pelts, a wardrobe, and two chairs and a table holding five loose coins, a medium coin purse, and a copy of A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun. Along the north wall is a double bed with an empty chest at its foot, an unlit fireplace, and a wood pile. Along the south wall are three chairs, one of which is overturned, a table, a set of shelves, with two garlic braids hanging above the shelves, and an unusable barrel. Along the west wall are the stairs down to the basement.

The basement

During the related quest, the kidnapped Baldor Iron-Shaper is found in the southeast corner of the basement. Along the south wall is an unusable barrel, a table, and a wood pile. Along the east wall is a food barrel, an unusable barrel, a set of shelves holding a bear trap, three salt piles, and two snow bear pelts, a novice-locked chest, and a wood pile. Along the north wall is a set of shelves and a bar counter holding two salt piles, a piece of bread, two bottles of ale, a bottle of alto wine, and six bottles of Nord mead, and a chair and a small round table holding another piece of bread, with a garlic braid hanging from the ceiling near the table. In the northwest corner beneath the stairs is a bear trap, three sacks, an unusable barrel, three crates, and three deer pelts.


  • The Thalmor soldiers at the lodge differ from their counterparts in Skyrim, as they wear leather armor instead of the elven or glass armor worn by other Thalmor. However, their helmets, gauntlets, and boots are all elven.
  • The Thalmor soldiers continue to respawn even after the quest is completed. However, the new soldiers will not be hostile.
  • The design of the lodge's interior is strikingly similar to Alvor and Sigrid's House.