Online:Lakayd the Repentant

Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
Lakayd the Repentant
Location al-Danobia Tomb
Species Mournful Aegis
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Lakayd the Repentant

Lakayd the Repentant is a large Mournful Aegis found guarding the entrance to the crypt section of the al-Danobia Tomb. He can split into three Aegises in combat, who will reassemble if defeated.

He will be ready to attack during your expedition into the tomb when your group fails to recite "Danobia's maxim".

Related QuestsEdit

  • A Flawless Plan: Uncover the truth about the Thieves Guild's failed heist.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Once you have made a path across Shinji's Truth and entered the al-Danobia Crypt, the others will follow you in, only to see the next obstacle.

Zeira: "The door to the treasure vaults, just through this crypt. We made it."
Quen: "Do all crypts come with … whatever that is?"
Velsa: ""Every tomb needs a guardian." An old Yokudan saying, wasn't it?"
Lakayd the Repentant: "Your introduction is formless and without grace. Recite Danobia's maxim!"
Walks-Softly: "That's alarming."
Zeira: "Velsa, Quen, Walks-Softly—stay back! If it's hostile, we'll handle it."
<Zeira runs down the stairs.>
Lakayd the Repentant: "Recite Danobia's maxim, or you shall be deemed trespassers!"
Zeira: "It must be some kind of pass-phrase! If you have any ideas, now's the time to call them out!"
Velsa: "You can't seriously expect us to—"
Walks-Softly: ""Falorah""
Quen: ""Yokuda""
Walks-Softly: ""Pass-phrase""
Quen: ""Gaiden Shinji""
Velsa: "Idiots!"
Walks-Softly: "Velsa, you aren't even trying."
Lakayd the Repentant: "Trespasser! Danobia's justice falls upon you!"

Once it you have defeated it with Zeira's help, she will comment about it.

Zeira: "That didn't go as planned."
Velsa: "You're right. I honestly thought it would kill us all."