Elder Scrolls Online: People
Home City Abah's Landing
Location Fulstrom Catacombs, Thieves Den, Velmont Estate, Prince's Gate, al-Danobia Tomb, Shark's Teeth Grotto, Hubalajad Palace, No Shira Citadel, Iron Wheel Headquarters
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Partners in Crime, Shell Game, Forever Hold Your Peace
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Walks-Softly is an Argonian member of the Thieves Guild who is initially met as Quen's Guild contact during the Giovessen Skull Heist. He is adept at mingling and blending in with various people as well as being known for his impeccable fashion sense.

The dapper argonian is one of the survivors of the recent Iron Wheel raids on the Guild and has been in Abah's Landing since he was a hatchling. He was raised in the household of the Velmont Family and was the childhood friend of the current head of the family. It wasn't until his teens—when the Velmonts left the city for an extended trip to Black Marsh—that Walks-Softly decided to leave the Estate, wandering the streets until the Thieves Guild took him in. However, when his past comes looking for him, Walks-Softly is forced to reassess his childhood in a harsher and more unpleasant light.

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Partners in CrimeEdit

In the catacombs of Fulstrom Manor:

Quen: "There's someone coming! Who are you?"
Walks-Softly: "You don't know me yet, but I'm friend. Quen, isn't it? Put on this uniform and head outside. The Iron Wheel won't detain a Windhelm Guard."
Quen: "There's no way I'm leaving here without my partner."
Walks-Softly: "I only had one uniform. Go on, recover your boat and meet us by the catacomb exit. Then we can return to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing."
Quen: "You're from the Thieves Guild? I ... all right, I'll meet you both by the exit. Good luck, partner." (Quen leaves)
Walks-Softly: "She'll be fine. Looks like we take the dangerous way around."

You can then speak with this new Argonian.

"Didn't realize there were two of you. Next time the Iron Wheel springs a trap, I'll bring another uniform."
Who are you? What's going on?/First tell me who are you [sic]} and what's going on.
"I'm Walks-Softly, and we're currently fleeing the Iron Wheel. We can talk about the details once we've actually fled.
Oh. What are your thoughts on spiders?"
Spiders? What do you mean?
"When I was posing as one of the manor's guards, one of the actual guards mentioned these old catacombs. Said they were a "basket full of spiders."
Unless that's an obscure Nord expression, I'm guessing he meant actual spiders."
You said you were from the Thieves Guild. What is that?
"Nothing we should discuss right here.
But I promise, as soon as we've escaped the Iron Wheel, I'll answer your questions."

Walks-Softly will then follow you around as you escape the Catacomb.

Walks-Softly: "Did I mention I'm afraid of spiders? Probably should've mentioned. I'll keep it under control."
Walks-Softly: "Look, a crypt! Nothing bad ever happens in a crypt."

When fighting draugr in the catacombs:

Walks-Softly:"On the bright side, these only have four limbs."

When fighting spiders in the catacombs:

Walks-Softly: "Are we running? No? All right, then!"
Walks-Softly: "That's not good. Look out!"
Walks-Softly: "Stay away from the pointy bits!"

Nearing the exit of the catacombs:

Walks-Softly: "Follow me, we're almost there!"

After escaping the catacombs:

Quen:"I don't think they saw me."
Walks-Softly: "Are you all right? You're greener than my favorite vest."
Quen: "It's fine I'm … I'm fine."'

You can then speak with Walks-Softly to leave the manor.

"Could've lived my entire life without running through a spider pit.
But we made it through. You'll make a real impression in Abah's Landing."
What's in Abah's Landing?
"The Thieves Guild. And my guildmaster, who can explain why the Iron Wheel thinks you deserve the same fate they've inflicted upon us.
It's an unpleasant fate. It involves branding irons."
What if I don't want to go to Abah's Landing?
"You are your own master. But the Iron Wheel is relentless, and they know your face. They know your partner's face, too.
So tell me where we're all headed. I suggest Abah's Landing, as soon as you're able."
All right. Take us to Abah's Landing.

<Will take you immediately to the Abah's Landing docks.>

Maybe later. For now, we go back where we came from.

<Return to the alliance city you came to Fulstrom Homestead from with Quen>

If you chose to sail to the docks in Abah's Landing:

Walks-Softly: "When you're up to it, we'll head to the Thieves Den. It's in an old cistern."
Quen: "A cistern? Wonderful. I'm to be surrounded by water, everywhere I go."

If you chose to return to your alliance city :

"We should head to Abah's Landing. The least we can give you is answers."
All right. Take us to Abah's Landing.
<Teleport to Abah's Landing>

You can then speak with him to find out where the guildmaster is.

"Always a pleasant journey to Abah's Landing. Head to our Thieves Den—the guildmaster awaits.
Your partner and I will be along when she's less expulsive."
Where is the Thieves Den?
"Hidden within an old cistern that's long forgotten by this city's merchant lords. A new home for us, after the Iron Wheel tore apart the old one.
It's a bit damp. You get used to it."

The Long GameEdit

Zeira will direct you talk with Walks-Softly at the Docks during your investigation of Cosh. He can be found looking across the water.

"You're right on time. What did our esteemed guildmaster tell you?"
Zeira said she sent you ahead to do some groundwork.
"Good, because I found something. The captain of the Dreamsnake was always interested in making fast coin. She's sloppy, even for a pirate, which makes her a perfect target for Cosh.
She and I have … unpleasant history. Best I keep away from her."
All right. What do you need me to do?
"She's meeting a contact nearby. She's prone to boast—why not find a quiet place to hear what she has to say?
But the captain is a creature of habit. She used to keep documents secured in the Dreamsnake. Try there, if you don't care to eavesdrop."
I'll see what I can find out.
"Find what you can. After that, meet Quen near the harbor. She has her own task and will no doubt need your assistance."
You mentioned unpleasant history with the captain of the Dreamsnake?
"I once told the captain I was a wealthy Argonian prince seeking a fast ship to transport my riches. She let me inspect the smuggling compartments—and then I robbed her blind.
She just has one eye patch, so … half-blind. I left her the eye patch."
What are you holding?
"Harpy egg.
They're sickening—I'd never actually eat one. But they're garish enough to draw attention from me. People see the "Argonian with disgusting harpy eggs," not the "Argonian with amazing fashion sense.""

Shell GameEdit

After reading his note, you can find him outside the door into the Velmont Estate. When you talk to him, you can ask him about the delicate nature of the situation.

"Ready to help me with that personal matter? This is the family mansion of my old friend, Anais Velmont. Just as big and opulent as the last time I was here."
Tell me more about this old friend of yours.
"Anais … where do I begin? I was taken in by Anais and her family when I first arrived in Abah's Landing.
I owe her and the Velmonts so much. My mannerisms. My pattern of speech. My fashion sense."
But you haven't seen her for a long time?
"Time passes, things change. When the family packed up for an extended trip to Black Marsh, I decided to stay here. They went to deal with business interests and I wandered the streets of Abah's Landing.
Eventually, the guild found me and took me in."
So this is where you grew up?
"I was brought here when I was very young. My first memories are of Anais and the Velmont Mansion.
Anais and I grew up side by side. We were the best of friends! Until the family left for Black Marsh, we were always together. We were that close!"
What happened to your Argonian family?
"You know, I never thought to ask about that. Anais told me that her father saved me from some horrible fate, but she never provided any details.
The Velmonts were very good to me. Outside of the guild, they're the closest thing I have to a family."
So it's been a while since you've seen your friend?
"I was barely in my teens when the family left. She wanted me to go with her, but I couldn't leave the only home I ever knew. I slipped away in the night and I haven't seen them since.
Now Anais has returned to take control of the family mansion."
What do you need me to do?
"I understand that since Anais has returned, she's been making inquiries about me. It's clear that her memories of our time together won't let her put the past behind her.
We need to steal those memories—preferably without getting caught."
You want to steal something from your childhood friend?
"The past can be a vise that holds us back. I've seen it. I want to teach Anais to let go of her memories, forget about me, and get on with her life.
After we steal the items—items that once belonged to me, by the way—she'll stop looking for me."
What items are we looking for?
"Keepsakes. Jewelry that Anais had made from my hatching shell and scales I lost during moulting.
You know, now that I say the words out loud, it sounds kind of strange for someone to have kept my discarded body parts. Is that a common practice?"
Any idea where she might keep such items?
"The Velmont Mansion is a large place. Why don't you check the kitchens and courtyard while I search the family suites? Meet me there when you're done and we'll get out of here together."
All right, I'm ready. Let's do this. (Advances mission.)

If you talk to him again, he will instead say,

"Like shadows, my friend. We need to get in and out of the mansion without causing too much mayhem and without being seen. Agreed?"

Once you enter the mansion he will comment on how strange it feels.

Walks-Softly: "It feels odd being back here. Let's not linger."
Walks-Softly: "Let's find those keepsakes and get out of here before someone notices us."
Walks-Softly: "Quickly now, search the courtyard and kitchens. Then meet me in the family wing of the mansion."

After you have found the Hatchling Shell Bracelet and Velmont Devotion Ring, you can find Walks-Softly in Anais' room. As you approach he will ask for your assistance.

Walks-Softly: "My amulet's in there. Would you mind getting it? There's a young Argonian in there. He … unsettles me."
Pimsy: "Oh no. My Lady will be furious when she sees these spots."

You can then talk to him and find that he is beginning to see his past in a different light.

"This is Anais's room. You'll find the amulet made from my scale in there.
Strange, there's also a young Argonian in there. He claims that he's a friend of Anais, but he's doing the work of a servant. He didn't raise an alarm, though, so that's good."
Tell me more about this amulet.
"Anais had it made from one of my scales. One that I lost during my first moulting. It's in the jewelry box.
I thought I had fond memories of this place, yet watching that young Argonian has stirred up some unsettling emotions."

Once you have the amulet, he will mention that there is one more place he needs to visit before leaving.

Walks-Softly: "There's one more thing before we go."
Walks-Softly: "Anais and I used to sit on the balcony and watch the sun set. I'd like to see it one more time before we put this memory behind us."

If you talk to him, he will insist on getting to the balcony.

"I'm beginning to think that my memories only see one side of my life in this place.
Come, let's go find that balcony."

When you reach the balcony, Walks-Softly will wander away to look around.

Walks-Softly: "Ah, just as I remember it. So beautiful."
Walks-Softly: "Anais and I would sneak out here and watch the sun set. It was the best of times!"

Anais will then arrive through the archway and starting laying into Walks-Softly.

Anais Velmont: "And yet you ran away. You betrayed me and left me all alone. Is that how a beloved pet is supposed to behave?"
Walks-Softly: "Anais, I didn't …. You weren't supposed to be here."
Anais Velmont: "You were my friend! We were going to do so many things together! And then you ran away like a thief in the night. And that's how you come back to me? Stealing my possessions?"
Walks-Softly: "What are you saying? I don't understand …."

After you confronted her, Walks-Softly will sadly tell Anais goodbye, but she is not willing to let him go.

Walks-Softly: "You've changed, Anais. Either that, or I've been fooling myself this whole time. Goodbye, my old friend."
Anais Velmont: "Goodbye? I don't think so. Even if you escape from the mansion, my agents will find you and bring you back to me. You're mine, now and forever!"
Anais Velmont: "Guards! Take these intruders into custody!"
<Anais will run back into the mansion.>
Walks-Softly: "I think it's time to leave, don't you? Quickly now!"

Once you escape back into the front yard of the mansion, Walks-Softly will leave you.

Walks-Softly: "Meet me back at the Den. We can talk there."

Back at the Den, Walks-Softly can be found in his personal living section.

"Our meeting with Anais didn't go anything like I had imagined. She has changed. Or perhaps I'm the one who changed.
Learning your own truth can be so confusing."
I thought you said she was your friend?
"She was my friend. Once. I'm almost certain of that.
We were always together. Laughing, playing, exploring the mansion. Perhaps when I ran away, deserted her … did that turn her into this unfamiliar creature?"
I think you were her slave.
"I was a slave? No, I don't think either of us knew what that meant. Not back then, when we were just children.
I suppose, deep down, I knew it all along. Why I ran away instead of going with Anais to Black Marsh."
Did we really accomplish anything by stealing those keepsakes?
"Of course! We took those memories away from Anais and recovered the keepsakes of my youth.
Plus, we discovered how far my friend has fallen. I just need to figure out how to help her find the person she used to be—unless she finds me first."
You think Anais will make good on her threat to track you down?
"Now that she knows I'm around? I expect her to double her efforts and use every advantage her family's gold can buy. It's what I'd do.
Thanks for assisting me with this, by the way. Once I decide on my next course of action, I'll let you know."

After you receive your reward, Walk-Softly will wonder if it is possible to reconnect with her on some level.

"What Anais said … I never realized I had caused her so much pain. I'm not excusing the slavery, mind you, but I didn't want to hurt her. We really were friends once.
There must be a way to remind her."

A Flawless PlanEdit

Once you arrive at the Den, Zeira will have gathered the others to explain her plan to reenter the al-Danobia Tomb. If you try and talk to him, he will direct you to Zeira, "Zeira wants to speak with you."

After hearing Zeira plan he will note the danger of it.

"This plan is unwise. A bit dangerous. But it isn't entirely reckless.
As thieves, those are often the best plans we can have."

You can meet him again at the Prince's Gate, ready to head to Taneth.

"You ever notice that camel herders drive hard bargains? I always wonder if they learn such stubbornness from the camels"

Once you arrive at the Tomb, you will find that the Iron Wheel are guarding the outside.

"I would avoid engaging the Iron Wheel at all costs. Perhaps find some other way to slip into the tomb.
But you are not I, and the world is better for it. For instance, I could never make those pants work."

When you enter the tomb and reach Tuwhacca's Pillars chamber from either direction, your thief companions will enter the Tomb and start looking around.

(?) "An imposing door. Wonderful."
Quen: "How are we supposed to get through?"
Velsa: "Ask Zeira. She knows how to do everything in this place, unless it's stealing a dowry."
Zeira: "No idea. Last time, Nicolas had me watch the passage behind us. There must be something in his journal."
<Zeira checks the journal.>
Walks-Softly: "Anything useful?"
Zeira: "Nicolas loved his puzzles. You're welcome to try."

While you try to figure out the puzzle, Walks-Softly will speculate about the fires arranged around the Statues, "There's something strange about the fires. Do they hold some clue?"

Once you enter the next room you will find Shinji's Leap, a large chamber dominated by a deep chasm in the middle. Zeira will have Walks-Softly look for secret passages.

"We'll search the room. If there's anything to be found, we'll find it.
Unless we find gargoyles. I hate gargoyles. Even more than spiders."

After you return from Malooc's Path with Tall Papa's Ashes and witnessing the confrontation between Velsa and Zeira, you can find Quen apparently standing on thin air above the chasm.

Walks-Softly: "Quen, it's a bad idea."
Velsa: "Words escape me."
Zeira: "Someone, tell me what I'm seeing."
Walks-Softly: "We heard strange noises in the chasm. Stone grinding against stone. Quen, well …."
Quen: "I found this invisible bridge!"
Velsa: "So you followed my advice and threw yourself in the chasm."
Zeira: "The ashes! Spread them on the bridge to see where it leads. And Quen, get back from there."

If you talk to him, he will talk about what Quen just did.

"She just stepped out into nothing. As though she knew it would hold her.
Maybe she did. That's confidence I wish I had."

When you have created a path across the chasm using Tall Papa's ashes and clear the way, the others will meet you in the al-Danobia Crypt, only to see the next obstacle.

Zeira: "The door to the treasure vaults, just through this crypt. We made it."
Quen: "Do all crypts come with … whatever that is?"
Velsa: ""Every tomb needs a guardian." An old Yokudan saying, wasn't it?"
Lakayd the Repentant: "Your introduction is formless and without grace. Recite Danobia's maxim!"
Walks-Softly: "That's alarming."
Zeira: "Velsa, Quen, Walks-Softly—stay back! If it's hostile, we'll handle it."
<Zeira runs down the stairs.>
Lakayd the Repentant: "Recite Danobia's maxim, or you shall be deemed trespassers!"
Zeira: "It must be some kind of pass-phrase! If you have any ideas, now's the time to call them out!"
Velsa: "You can't seriously expect us to—"
Walks-Softly: ""Falorah!""
Quen: ""Yokuda!""
Walks-Softly: ""Pass-phrase!""
Quen: ""Gaiden Shinji!""
Velsa: "Idiots!"
Walks-Softly: "Velsa, you aren't even trying."
Lakayd the Repentant: "Trespasser! Danobia's justice falls upon you!"

Once you and Zeira have defeated Lakayd the Repentant, you can all enter the Vault room, only to find it has been looted clean. Walks-Softly will muse about rolling around in coins.

"Do you want to roll around in a big pile of coins? I feel the urge to roll around in a big pile of coins.
None are here, of course. But you can still smell them."

After talking with Zeira, you can investigate the vault for clues. When you find a journal page, Walks-Softly will come over to look at it.

Walks-Softly: "That page, is it from the journal Nicolas kept?"
Walks-Softly: ""Tu'whacca watches over you." The pass-phrase for the crypt guardian? I nearly had it!"

When Zeira puts forward the idea that Nicolas survived the failed heist and draws conclusions from that, Walks-Softly will try and think of a reasonable explanation.

"Perhaps Nicolas was wounded. Maybe he's trapped, and needs our help.
Or … well. I'd rather not think of that."

Everybody has a PriceEdit

Some time after helping Walks-Softly with his personal affairs and his confrontation with Anais, he will send you a note saying that he has "figured out a solution to the problem". You can find him in one of the small warehouses at the Abah's Landing Docks. He appears to have kidnapped Anais and you can ask him what is going on.

"It took some time, but I finally figured out the best way to teach Anais a lesson.
I promise this will make perfect sense to you shortly, my friend."
What are we doing here, Walks-Softly? And is that Anais tied up back there?
"Trust me. Stay calm a moment longer and all will become clear."
All right, I'm listening.

He will then talk to Anais, framing it as a kidnapping for ransom.

Walks-Softly: "My associate has returned with the reply from your mansion. Would you like to hear it?"
Anais Velmont: "Ransom? Is that your plan? My steward is under strict orders not to negotiate with kidnappers."
Walks-Softly: "He said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "That's preposterous. She's not worth half that much.""
Anais Velmont: "That old goat! With me out of the way, he's probably hoping to take over the business! Have you contacted my mother?"
Walks-Softly: "She's in Wrothgar this time of year, isn't she? Discussing trade agreements? We don't have time to reach out to her."
Anais Velmont: "Untie and we can forget all about this, Walks. For old time's sake. Are you listening to me?"

Afterwards, you can talk to him to find out how this appparent kidnapping will teach her a lesson.

"Thanks for your patience with all of that. I hope I sounded convincing!"
Want to explain to me what we're doing here now?
"Anais needs to see the errors of her ways. People aren't property. They aren't supposed to be sold and traded, and they certainly shouldn't be turned into slaves."
So you kidnapped her and demanded a ransom?
"There was no request for a ransom. I made that all up to scare her. No one even knows she's missing yet and I'd like to keep it that way."
Then what are you planning to do with her?
"Take these letters. I don't want her family's agents to come looking for her yet, so I forged them to explain her absence. Just plant them in the Velmont Mansion and that will give me all the time I need."
Time? Time to do what?
"Time for Anais to consider her situation, to see if being trapped and powerless changes her outlook on keeping pets and slaves.
When she's learned her lesson, I'll set her free. Meet me at the Thieves Den after you plant the letters."
All right, I'll plant these letters in the Velmont Mansion.

If you talk to him before leaving, he will mention he has other tasks to complete.

"Those letters will keep the Velmonts from tearing Abah's Landing apart looking for Anais. Meanwhile, I have other matters to attend to. I'll see you back at the Den."

After you have planted the letters and returned to the Den, Walks-Softly will not be there, only a letter. The plan went awry when Anais was taken by Wake Walker Pirates to the Shark's Teeth Grotto and she now needs to be rescued. He can found near the locked hideout where she is being kept.

"Glad you decided to join me. These pirates are definitely of the unfriendly persuasion."
I got your note. Where's Anais?
"I tracked Anais to that building behind us, but the lock on the door has thwarted all of my attempts to pick it.
One of these pirates must have a key. Maybe you'll have better luck finding it than I did."

If you don't have the key:

Is there a particular pirate who might have the key?
"This pirate crew seems to be somewhat lax when it comes to following the rules of the sea. I suppose any one of them could be carrying a key to that door.
In cases such as these, you just have to keep breaking eggs until you find a yoke."
I'm going to try to pick the lock.
"Be my guest. I'm worse than Nicolas with those things.
If you can get past that lock, I'll follow you in and we'll deal with whatever we happen to find."

Otherwise if you have found the Pirate Hide-Out Key:

I found this key on a pirate.
"You did? Excellent!
I'll let you have the pleasure of seeing if that key will unlock the door. After you."

Once you enter the hideout, you will find an unharmed Anais.

Walks-Softly: "Anais! I'm so glad we found you. And all in one piece, too!"
Anais Velmont: "No thanks to you! You left me tied up of the docks! What did you think was going to happen? I demand you escort me home—immediately!"
Walks-Softly: "Right. Of course. I … I just need a moment to confer with my associate."
Anais Velmont: "Of course you do. Just let me know when you're ready to get me out of here. These pirates have no appreciation of soap and water."

It will have become clear to Walks-Softly that his plan to make Anais understand is not going as planned.

"On the one hand, I'm grateful that Anais doesn't appear any worse for the wear.
On the other hand, I hoped to see some evidence by now that she had learned her lesson."
I thought we were here to rescue Anais from the pirates?
"Yes, yes, rescue her … yes. I never wanted to become a slave merchant. But if we set her free, won't she just continue with her awful ways?
I hate to admit it, but I'm at a loss as to how to proceed."
You have to make things right. We need to get her out of here and set her free.
"Yes, I suppose I should. But does that mean I abandon my goal to teach Anais a lesson? How will I live with myself if she continues to treat people as things?
I could set her free, but what's the profit in that?"
You need to complete her lesson. Leave her here so she can learn what it's like to be a slave.
"I see your point, but one can learn about murder without being murdered.
Until the pirates ransom her back to her family, they'll treat her the way she treats Pimsy."
What would Anais do if she was in your position? (Both choices lead to this reply.)
"What does that matter? Should I determine my actions based on the inclinations of a slave-keeping, self-centered aristocrat?
What should I do? I just want to return to the Den … put this awful business behind us."
Leave her here and teach her a lesson. (She remains with the pirates.)
Walks-Softly: "I'm going to leave you here, Anais. It's the only way to teach you a lesson about the difference between people and property."

If you talk with him afterwards, he will mention that Anais should be sent home soon.

"I know these pirates. They'll ask for a ransom, receive their gold, and Anais will be home before the week's end. With any luck, that will be more than enough time to show her what the life of a slave is really like.
I'll see you back at the Den."
You have to set her free and make this right. (Anais is taken home.)
Walks-Softly: "I'll get you out of here, Anais. I just hope this helps you realize the difference between people and property."

If you talk with him afterwards, he will hope that Anais has learnt something.

"I'll escort Anais out of here and back to her mansion. She'll be home in time for the evening meal. I just hope that my compassion teaches her to reexamine her life and her business.
I'll see you back at the Thieves Den."

Back at the Thieves Den, Walks-Softly will be waiting for you and Pimsy will be nearby. Depending on your choice, Walks-Softly will say different things.

If Anais was left with the pirates
"I heard that the pirates demanded a large ransom for Anais. Her family hesitates, but I'm sure they'll turn over the gold before another day goes by. This lesson couldn't have gone any better!"
So you left Anais in the hands of the pirates?
"Of course, just as you suggested.
And the forged letters you planted worked perfectly! Pimsy is free! I'll help him start his new life as a free Argonian!"

If you talk with him afterwards, he will mention that he will check up on her.

"I'll go by and check on Anais in a few days. Make sure the pirates lived up to their part of the arrangement. If she learned her lesson, that's great. If not, well, I'm sure I'll think of something else that will do the trick!"
If Anais was released
"I escorted Anais out of the pirate lair and back to her mansion, where she's safe and sound and no doubt planning how to flay me alive at the first opportunity."
So you actually rescued Anais from the pirates?
"Of course, just as you suggested.
And the forged letters worked perfectly. Pimsy's days of slavery are over—his new life starts today."

If you talk with him afterwards, he will say he'll make sure Anais has learned her lesson... or else.

"I'll go by and check on Anais in a few days. Make sure she's recovered from her trying ordeal. If she learned her lesson, that's great. If not, well, I'm sure I can come up with another plan—and this one will be even better than the last!"

Forever Hold Your PeaceEdit

After stealing a invitation to the wedding of Magnifica Falorah and Cosh, Walks-Softly will be among those at the Thieves Den and will be interested at what is being served at the wedding.

Zeira: "Velsa, for the third time—I hear your concerns."
Velsa: "And ignore them at your peril."
Walks-Softly: "Well, I'm in. A wedding at Hubalajad Palace? Just imagine the spread!"

If you talk to him before Silver-Claw:

"Who doesn't love a wedding?
Yes, nobles forced into political arrangements to secure alliances and land rights. But aside from that."

Once you have handed Silver-Claw the invitation, you will need to pick at date, Walks-Softly is one of the choices and he wouldn't mind attending for the food alone.

"Have I mentioned how much I enjoy a good wedding? Even a bad one can be fun."
Do you want to be my date to the wedding?
"Perhaps. Why do you ask?"
You're the best choice for mingling at a wedding.
"Of course I am. Dancing, drinking, tossing bottles at those who don't do enough of either ….
Magnifica Falorah may frown on that local tradition. I'll try to read the crowd."
You're important to me, Walks-Softly.
"I am many things to many people. How do you know I'm not catering myself to your expectations, to ensure you think me important? Is it because you want me to be, or because I encouraged you to believe it?
But I'm probably joking about all that."
Never mind. I'll ask someone else.
I think you'll be fun to have around at a wedding.
"Of course I am. Dancing, drinking, tossing bottles at those who don't do enough of either ….
Magnifica Falorah may frown on that local tradition. I'll try to read the crowd."

After you pick him, he will ask you, "Do you dance? I don't, at least not in public. I only have one tail, and I grew tired of people dancing upon it."

However, if you pick someone else, he'll find entertainment elsewhere, "No fine wine for me? No matter. I'll open the cask Thrag stole from the docks."

Crashing the WeddingEdit

Walks-Softly attending Magnifica Falorah's wedding

If you picked Walks-Softly to be your date, he will meet you at the Palace gate after you have picked an outfit. He will comment on your clothing as you approach.

Walks-Softly: "Thought you could outclass my outfit? Well … you came close."

If you talk to him before heading in, he will ask your opinion on his outfit when you comment on it.

"I can smell the food from here. If they have a pie tent, I may abandon you. Fair warning."
About your outfit ….
"I await your many compliments about the fine styling."
You look ridiculous.
"That's funny, I selected an outfit I thought would best match yours. In a way, we have both condemned your taste.
Come, let's get to the wedding."
It looks good on you.
"Just … just "good?" Not "resplendent," "striking," or even "unforgettable?"
Must be losing my touch."
Everything you wear has frills.
"Not my underclothes. They have fins to help me swim faster.
The best part? You have no idea if I'm joking."
We should get moving.

If you talk to him again, he will talk about the wedding food.

"When they invite you in, the rich and powerful thrust food in your hands. They like to prove how much they have, and how better it is than yours.
And yes, I'm hungry."

Once you are inside the gates, you can take Walks-Softly aside and ask him for ideas to sneaking Zeira in.

"I wonder what they're serving for dinner."
We need to get Zeira inside. Any ideas?
"I could tie silk handkerchiefs together and fashion a rope, but I only brought twelve. Not enough for walls this high.
Perhaps you can outwit the doorman. Failing that, cause a distraction to draw him from his post."

If you fail to convince the guard to leave his post, Walks-Softly will comment on it and make a suggestion.

Walks-Softly: "Tough crowd. Why not lift something valuable from one of the guests? When they notice it's missing, it's cause a scene."

When you talk to him afterwards, he will stress the need for a distraction.

"We should look for ways to cause a distraction. Without Zeira, we're dead in the water.
Did you know that's an expression in Murkmire for "sleeping while floating on one's back?" Murkmire Argonians are strange people."

Once you successfully pickpocket one of the guests, he will say:

[verification needed — unknown what is said]

Alternatively, you come across Ralds Marvos and Firgiel and Walks-Softly will get another idea for an distraction.

Ralds Marvos: "You brought that mutt of yours? After the scene she made at the last wedding?"
Firgiel: "Dashka is no mutt! She simply has a nose for the finest meats. And this time I'm keeping her far away from the food. She will be on her best behavior."
Walks-Softly: "That poor thing hasn't had a good meal in quite some time. Let's see about finding Dashka something she can't turn away."

After you have stolen a plate of meat from Daiharri's work counter, Walks-Softly will comment.

Walks-Softly: "Oh, that will do. Let's see if the dog agrees."

When Dashka smells the meat.

Walks-Softly: "She smells you. Head off to the food tables."

No matter how the distraction is caused, you can meet Zeira at the gate. Once you have spoken to her she will head to the Palace steps to get a good look at Cosh when he comes out.

Zeira: "This is a nice change of scenery from the Den."
Zeira: "First time I've been inside Hubalajad Palace. This place is a bit of a fortress."
Zeira: "Let's hurry—I want to get a good look at Cosh. See for myself what kind of spineless marionette would dance for Nicolas."
Walks-Softly: "Do we have time to stop for food? No? It's all right, I can wait."

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq will then come out with the groom and announce him to the guests.

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq "Everyone, I require your attention!"
Zeira: "This is it.—Stay close—let's see if Nicolas makes an appearance."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq "It's an honor and a privilege to introduce our host for the evening. May I present the impending husband of Magnifica Falorah … Lord Cosh!"
Zeira: "That's Nicolas!"
Cosh: "Please, eat and drink your fill! Soon, I shall speak to you not as a humble merchant, but as a noble of Taneth!"
Zeira: "Nicolas is Cosh?"
Walks-Softly: "Well … he's better dressed than I remember."

Afterwards, Zeira will walk away stunned to a nearby table. When you talk with her, she will salvage the original plan and ask you to find a way to Magnifica Falorah so she can tell the woman the truth about her fiance. Walks-Softly will have some ideas of how to get into the Palace.

Walks-Softly: "After seeing Zeira's outfit, I am still the best dressed among us."
Walks-Softly: "Everyone forgets about the staff, yet they often have the most access to the palace grounds. Take those servers. I bet they have keys on them."

If you talk to him at this point, he will just comment,

"There is too much space here. When the wedding guests leave, it will be as empty as the man who owns it."

Once you have the key and found out Magnifica Falorah's location.

'Walks-Softly: "Never thought I'd say this, but that's enough mingling. Let's find Zeira."

If you talk to him, he will just ask, "Why would Nicolas do this?"

When you enter Cosh's bedroom to talk to Magnifica Falorah, you may realize that it will be difficult to convince her.

Zeira: "Magnifica Falorah, we came to warn you. Cosh is not the man he seems."
Magnifica Falorah: "He's a merchant lord of Abah's Landing. That's one step above the scum they scrape from ship hulls. Is there any other grand revelation before I call the guards?"
Walks-Softly: "Advice is free. Good advice is worth its weight in … say … your dowry. You'll want to hear what we have to say."

If you talk to him, Walks-Softly will give you some advice, "If you hope to convince anyone of anything, you must first listen to what they want. Go, and listen."

After your talks with Falorah fails to convince her, she will point out you are trapped.

Magnifica Falorah: "I have indulged this madness for long enough."
Yishka: "Magnifica Falorah, are you almost ready? The guests are assembling within the palace!"
Zeira: "Magnifica Falorah is indisposed! She'll be ready in just a moment."
Magnifica Falorah: "Do you intend to keep me here? Look around, there's nowhere to go."
Walks-Softly: "Does anyone else feel a draft in this windowless enclosed room? Must be a hidden passage."

If you talk to him, he will say,

"Nicolas always had an escape plan. There must be another way out of this room."

Once you have successfully figured out the puzzle, the secret passage will reveal itself.

Walks-Softly: "Did that cabinet just … click?"

Upon entering the passage, you will find Nicolas' trophy room which contains proof that he stole the dowry. Zeira will stay behind to show Falorah the truth and asks you and Walks-Softly to attend the wedding.

"Zeira is doing her part. We must still do ours.
Come, let's go to the wedding."

When you arrive in the main hall, Walks-Softly will be suspicious.

Walks-Softly: "This doesn't seem right. Where is Zeira?"

Then Rhanbiq will begin to officiate the ceremony.

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Today, Lord Cosh of Abah's Landing joins with Magnifica Falorah, the Jewel of Taneth."
It is my honor, as a duly appointed officer of the Iron Wheel, to officiate their union."

And Zeira will burst onto the stage, with Falorah following.

Zeira: "Stop! There is no honor in this union!"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "What is this? Guards!"
Cosh: "Zeira? You're alive? I … that is … what is the meaning of this?"
Magnifica Falorah: "More importantly, why do you have the desecrated remains of my ancestor?"
Walks-Softly: "The Iron Wheel is behind us. If we're going to leave, we should do it now."
Cosh: "There must be some mistake!"
Magnifica Falorah: "Chief Inspector Rhanbiq, take everyone into custody. I want this mess sorted."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Iron Wheel, secure all exits! None shall leave the palace grounds. Question everyone here. Be thorough!"
Cosh: "Falorah, my darling—I've been framed! I implore you to reconsider."
Zeira: "Give it a rest, Nicolas. Whining doesn't suit you."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Quiet, thief! You'll have enough time to bicker from inside your cell. Take them away!"

You will need to get out of the palace and back to the gate. If you talk to him while escaping, Walks-Softly will say, "We must hurry. We are no good to Zeira if we share her cell."

Once you reach the gate, you and Walks-Softly will go your separate ways back to the Thieves Den.

Walks-Softly: "Let's split up. I'll meet you at the Den. The others need to hear what happened."

Back at the DenEdit

Walks-Softly after the Wedding

After finding out the truth, Zeira getting captured and escaping the Palace, the mood will be morose once you return to the den. Walks-Softly can be found sitting down and staring at his hands. When you talk to him, he will remind you that you were made acting guildmaster.

"I informed the others about the wedding. We shouldn't blame ourselves for what happened.
Zeira told us to leave. We all understand that."
(If Walks-Softly was your date.)


"Your date made it back before you. Informed us of what happened at the wedding.
Don't blame yourself. Zeira told you to leave."
(If someone else was your wedding date.)
Does everyone know what happened at the wedding?
"Yes, Zeira's capture was an unfortunate turn of events.
But Nicolas is the Iron Wheel's prisoner as well. A small reason to celebrate."
What about Zeira?
"Magnifica Falorah has her dowry and Nicolas is behind bars. The Iron Wheel won't be here for much longer. We'll have a chance at freeing Zeira in the chaos of their departure—whenever that is.
But that's more your call, isn't it?"
What do you mean?
"Zeira said you were in charge until she returned to the Den. That makes you the acting guildmaster.

Afterwards he will tell you what actual powers the acting guildmaster has—next to none.

"Just so we're clear, an "acting guildmaster" has no real power. But it makes you sound important, so we may as well call you that.
Also, you get the blame if anything goes wrong. You know how it is."
What can we do about Zeira?
"For now? Nothing. Until we learn where they've taken her, there is little we can do.
But we will learn, I'm certain of that."

Prison BreakEdit

Planning with Quen

After Silver-Claw has told you the news, Walks-Softly and Quen will arrive.

Quen: "You know where Zeira is? Are we going to rescue her?"
Velsa: "What do you mean "we" I'm retired."
Quen: "Zeira would do the same for any of us. Even you, Velsa."
Walks-Softly: "The least we can do is hear out our acting guildmaster. So what is the plan?"

Walks-Softly will then walk over the table and start perusing the maps. You can talk with him to see what he can do to help rescue Zeira.

"If we're going to No Shira Citadel, I can help.
The Iron Wheel can always spot imposters. It's not the uniform, it's the mannerisms and protocol they follow. It's all part of their training."
What do you mean?
"They cycle their soldiers between locations, every few months. Keeps them from forming attachments with the locals.
They see new faces all the time, so they're trained to spot certain mannerisms. Ones I've learned to spot as well. And impersonate."
You can impersonate an Iron Wheel soldier?
"I just need a uniform. They change those, too … small details here and there. We need one that can accommodate my tail.
Oh, and bring the journal we used in al-Danobia Tomb. I have an idea, but until we know our entry point, I don't want to share."
I'll bring the journal. We'll find you an Iron Wheel uniform when we get there.

After talking with Quen near the Citadel, Walks-Softly can be found at the southern entrance.

"Do you see the sentry? He keeps looking through the gate, rubbing his lips. Waiting for one of his mates to come by with a drink.
Let's relieve him of his thirst. Then his uniform."
What's your plan?
"We walk up. I present myself as a drunk, dapper Argonian. He challenges us, tells us to move along … then sees the bottle in my hand.
I offer him a taste. He takes a long pull from one of Velsa's sleeping potions. We take his uniform."
All right. Let's go.
"Try to look … non-threatening. If at all possible."

Walks-Softly will begin to act like a drunk and walk up to the guard, Midrarj.

Walks-Softly: "My good man! Is this the gate to Abah's Landing?"
Midrarj: "Halt! This citadel is under jurisdiction of the Iron Wheel!"
Walks-Softly: "Never heard of that tavern. What do they sell?"
Midrarj: "You should move along. What, uh … that bottle you have, what is it?"
Walks-Softly: "Delicious! Some wine from, uh … Berga … Bergomet? Bergama! Why, you want some?"
Midrarj: "If you're offering. Just a nip to get my blood pumping."
<The guard takes a swig.>
Midrarj: "Tava's tail feathers, it's awful! What … what is that … that taste …."
<Midrarj slumps to the ground.>
Walks-Softly: "Something to which I'm immune. But he's right, it does taste awful."

Once you go through the Citadel gate, Velsa will arrive and you can talk with Walks-Softly who will suggest a course of action.

"Here we part ways. Once I'm in uniform, I'll see how well I blend in.
If I may suggest a course of action? The journal you brought contains the entire dowry heist as planned by Nicolas. I think we can use it to our advantage."
How would we do that?
"Chief Inspector Rhanbiq has an office in the ruins where he entertains guests. If you were to leave the journal for him to find, there is little chance Nicolas could weasel out of the trial he faces in Taneth.
Oh, and you could find out where they're holding Zeira."
Locate Zeira and make life harder for Nicolas? I'll do it.
"Good luck. Don't get caught.
If you do, we'll have to spring two guildmasters. Shameful times for the Thieves Guild."

After he hands you the journal, he will head back outside to Midrarj.

Walks-Softly: "You go ahead. I'll abscond with our sentry friend's uniform. May need to trim it down … he was a rather brawny fellow."

Once you meet Magnifica Falorah in Rhanbiq's office, she will take you to the prison entry. There she will make demands of the sentry guard.

Magnifica Falorah: "You there! Unlock the door and allow my companion entry to the prison. Do not record this in the log."
Walks-Softly: "As you command. You there, follow me."

When you enter the prison, Walks-Softly will remove his helmet and start walking down the corridor.

Walks-Softly: "Iron Wheel uniforms aren't made for Argonian heads. I'd be sweating if … well, if I could sweat. You go after Zeira. I'll wait for the others and escort them through."

He will catch up to you with Velsa and Quen once you have found Nicolas in one of the cells.

Nicolas: "Ah, Walks-Softly. So good to see you again. How have you been?"
Walks-Softly: "Hunted. Missing too many friends."
Nicolas: "And Velsa as well? I thought you'd retired!"
Velsa: "And I thought you were dead. Seems we were both disappointed."
Nicolas: "And … who are you? I don't believe we've met."
Quen: "I'm someone who knows better than you listen to your lies."

You then have a choice of whether or not to give Nicolas a lockpick and can ask Walks-Softly what he thinks.

"Nicolas in a cell. Somehow, it feels right."
What are your thoughts? Should I give him a lockpick?
"Nicolas never could pick a lock. Unless he learned since the dowry heist, a lockpick would be nothing more than a thin sliver of hope.
Which you could deny him. Is his hopelessness worth Zeira's potential imprisonment? That's up to you."

If you decide to give Nicolas a lockpick, Walks-Softly will hand him one.

Walks-Softly: "Here you are. Worst of luck to you."

If you refused:

Walks-Softly: "Search the Warden's Office. Look for any clue that leads us to Zeira."

In either case, he will head towards the ship.

Walks-Softly: "We had best hurry. The ship may sail on the next tide."

Once you reach the ship, Walks-Softly will be near the hold's entrance.

"Velsa is around here somewhere, and Quen must still be scouting. I'll keep watch.
Oh, and the sailors are no trouble … it seems the Iron Wheel is slow to pay its debts, so they're happy to look the other way."

After the Chief Inspector is neutralized and Zeira freed, you can return to the deck to find Walks-Softly talking with Magnifica Falorah.

Walks-Softly: "Might I say, you are the most magnificent Magnifica I've ever met? You elevate the cesspit of Abah's Landing with your very presence."
Magnifica Falorah: "Who are you again?"
Walks-Softly: "But a humble Argonian who looks forward to comparing ledgers."
Zeira: "Apologies, Magnifica. We have much to discuss, when timing is more convenient for us both."

He will tell you he will see you soon,

"I'll see you at the Den. I have a few things to discuss with Magnifica Falorah."

Once you arrive back at the den, Walks-Softly will be there with everyone else. If you talk to him before Zeira, he will say,

"It's so good to see Zeira again."

After you speak with Zeira she will announce her new Thieves Council.

Zeira: "As for the rest of you—I'm naming you as part of my Thieves Council. I'll need those I can trust in the coming months. Yes, even Velsa. "Councilor emeritus," if it suits you."
Walks-Softly: "This calls for a drink. Or five. Where's Andarri?"
Velsa: "Huzzah. Meaningless titles."
Quen: "Don't be so … well, you."

You can talk to him after Malizah delivers a message. He will be mourning those that couldn't be saved,

"The Thieves Guild is restored. I grieve for lost friends and cohorts, but I know they would be pleased to see all of us succeed."


From time-to-time, Walks-Softly can be found in the Thieves Den.

"Of the two of us, I'd say you're looking … Sharper.
Hmm, Velsa was right. Speaking a pun aloud has diminished me as a person."
You seem comfortable in your role in the Thieves Guild.
"Thanks for noticing. I do like to put my best foot forward in everything I do.
But a lot of credit goes to Zeira and the rest of our crew. A single lizard isn't enough to form a guild—even one as dapper and dashing as me!"
What do you think about Quen?
"Have you seen the way Quen moves? She can get up and over a wall faster than I can fold a perfect pocket square!
I have a nose for talent and Quen is the real deal. As we go about rebuilding the crew, we'd do worse than to find a few more like her."
What do you think about Zeira?
"What's to think? She's our guildmaster! And she's a good friend. She stepped forward in our darkest hour and pulled the guild back from the brink of extinction.
Under her leadership, I don't think there's anything we can't accomplish. I don't think."
What about Velsa? She doesn't seem to be a team player.
"I never say anything hurtful about the people I know. That's just not couth.
However, I would be remiss not to warn you. Try not to get on Velsa's bad side. She has a terrible temper. You really don't want to constantly check your food for poison."

You can also listen to him talk to other guild members.

Quen: "I keep hearing about the dowry heist, but nobody can share the details. How exactly did it fail?"
Velsa: "Zeira was the only survivor. Yet she avoids answering that very question. I find that curious."
Walks-Softly: "She lost friends, Velsa. That pain can linger."
Velsa: "Everyone lost friends. And she's the guildmaster. She can't hide behind that."
Walks-Softly: "No. But she carries the loss with her. And she will, until the day she dies."

Walks-Softly: "You don't seem to mind living here. I thought you hated water."
Quen: "No, I hate traveling by ship. I take no issue with water."
Walks-Softly: "Good! Then grab a mop and scrub algae off all the planks you can find."
Quen: "You …. Fine. But it's just going to grow back."
Walks-Softly: "Oh, the algae never loses. But it's all about the struggle."

Quen: "There are so many beggars and poor here. Don't the merchant lords see the city falling into squalor?"
Walks-Softly: "That is what marble walls and gilded gates are for. They exist in a world all their own."
Quen: "But, they're the governors of this land, aren't they? They aren't really, are they?"
Walks-Softly: "It's a free port. One's only concern is one's self, or so is the belief."
Quen: "But we're different. We look out for our own."
Walks-Softly: "Nicolas would disagree."

Quen: "Is this what it used to be like? The Thieves Guild, I mean."
Velsa: "Look at her. She nearly said "in the old days."
Walks-Softly: "It was very much the same … only the guild was much larger, we had a different guildmaster, and the Iron Wheel wasn't after any one of us."
Quen: "So you're saying it was quite different."
Walks-Softly: "Only the most superficial aspects. Just like then, we remain a family."

Walks-Softly: "Not many would have fled the life you had."
Quen: "That wasn't living … it was waiting."
Walks-Softly: "Like an itchy excess skin, hanging onto your inner self."
Quen: I … suppose so?"

Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing … well, I don't know how to ask this without causing offense."
Walks-Softly: "I am rarely offended. Please, ask."
Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing stink?"
Walks-Softly: "Take any harbor town, with the normal fish stenches. Add swampland, the hot sun, and filthy pirates."
Quen: "I didn't realize pirates had a particular smell."

After The One That Got Away:

Velsa: "You're evading. Why did you send your protege halfway across Tamriel?"
Walks-Softly: "She doesn't want to speak of it, Velsa. Leave her be."
Zeira: "I sent my ""protege"" to deal with Nicolas. He will no longer trouble the Thieves Guild."
Velsa: "Oh. Well … this calls for some wine, don't you think?"
Zeira: "I'd like that."

Silver-Claw: "You wouldn't ever steal from me … would you?"
Walks-Softly: "Never more than you could spare."
Silver-Claw: "You wouldn't! But—oh, haha, you're pulling my tail … or are you? I can't tell!"
Walks-Softly: "Your worrying must be poor for your health. It might do you well to worry less about it."
Silver-Claw: "Oh—no no. Good business keeps me in most robust health, I assure you!"

Walks-Softly: "The other day, I passed Silver-Claw on the street. He made a strange motion with his hand."
Quen: "He did the same thing to me. What do you suppose it meant?"
Velsa: "I convinced him we have a "thief salute."
Quen: "You did not!"
Walks-Softly: "I thought it was an obscene gesture, so I returned one of my own. I should stop by his shop and apologize."

Walks-Softly: "This is pointless. Most of the Iron Wheel have already returned to Taneth."
Velsa: "Which means there are less of them around to guard their pay."
Walks-Softly: "Velsa, think. If we empty their coffers completely, they can't buy passage by ship. How will they ever leave Hew's Bane?"
Quen: "We leave them just enough to purchase camels?"
Walks-Softly: "That could work. All right, Velsa—go over your plan once more …."

Quen: "Are you from Abah's Landing?"
Walks-Softly: "I am a creature of Abah's Landing. Without this city, I would not be the person you know."
Quen: "I don't understand. Who would you be?"
Walks-Softly: "Simpler. Less certain of my purpose. And in dire need of good clothes."

Walks-Softly: "I could never be a pirate."
Velsa: "This should be good."
Walks-Softly: "Have you ever seen what salt water does to good clothing?"
Velsa: "I don't believe I have. Let's experiment."
Walks-Softly: "Back! Back, I said!"
<Velsa walks menacingly up to him.>
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