Thieves Den
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Hew's Bane
Abah's Landing
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What's the safest place for a secret hideout? Inside another secret hideout, of course! Within the Thieves Den the tenets of the Guild are observed by one and all, and no one need fear the intrusion of law enforcement.
Thieves Den

The Thieves Den is the headquarters of the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing. It is located underground in the northwestern corner of Abah's Landing.

The entrance outside of the city

The Den is a hub for guild quests and functions as an Outlaws Refuge, providing all the typical services. The main chamber contains museum pedestals for the items on Kari's Hit List.

You gain access to the Den instantly; it is, however, rather empty in the beginning. As you progress through the Thieves Guild questline, the headquarters gradually fills with more returning members and you will often hear conversations between some of the more prominent members.



The Lady in the CisternEdit

Several guild members have theories about this mysterious statue found inside the Den

As you progress in the Thieves Guild, you will find notes in various locations theorizing about the statue found in the center of the Den. Reading all of the notes rewards you with an achievement: The Lady in the Cistern.