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al-Danobia Tomb
Discoverable No
Iron Wheel, Al-Danobia Guardians, Gargoyles, Mournful Aegises
Quest Chain
Thieves Guild
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The family tomb of a Redguard noble house is a place to be honored—and defended. They are often located off in the Hammerfell wilderness, far from well-traveled roads.
al-Danobia Tomb

The al-Danobia Tomb is a Redguard family tomb found near the city of Taneth. You will be taken here by speaking to Zeira at Prince's Gate during the related quest, and can leave by interacting with the black camel near the entrance or by manually approaching the exit from the valley.

Related QuestsEdit

  • A Flawless Plan: Uncover the truth about the Thieves Guild's failed heist.


The exterior of the tomb is dominated by a large Iron Wheel camp, who guard the main approach. If you rescued Percius Loche, he will instead guide you to an unguarded side passage called Tava's Branch. Once you've traversed the tomb, you'll exit onto a raised platform above this secret entrance. At this point the Iron Wheel will have departed, allowing for easy exploration of their campsite.

The exterior is also labeled as al-Danobia and Taneth.


Al-Danobia TombEdit

You will enter this section of the ruins if you choose to fight through the Iron Wheel and use the front entrance.

Skeleton in Tava's Branch

Tava's BranchEdit

You will enter this section of the ruins if you use Percius Loche's side passage. It's filled with Al-Danobia Guardians and gargoyles.

Tu'whacca's PillarsEdit

This small chamber contains a door sealed by four pillars. The Excerpt from al-Danobia Heist Journal found nearby will provide clues to solve the puzzle.

HoonDing's PassageEdit

This chamber is bisected by a giant chasm called "Shinji's Truth". You must enter the next section, Malooc's Path, in order to bypass it. Once you've obtained Tall Papa's Ashes from Malooc's Path, they can be used to cross the chasm and enter Al-Danobia Crypt.

Malooc's PathEdit

This zone contains more stone guardians and gargoyles, and is covered in damaging darkness. You must stay within the light cast from Zeira's lantern in order to make it through the darkness and recover the Ashes.

Al-Danobia Crypt

Al-Danobia CryptEdit

Once you've crossed Shinji's Truth, you'll gain access to the crypt proper. A giant Mournful Aegis named Lakayd the Repentant can be found within and must be defeated. He summons smaller Aegises in combat.

Al-Danobia Treasure VaultsEdit

The treasure vault is the final section of the tomb. Emptied of its treasures, it is a small chamber dotted with clues for the related quest. The door here leads outside, to the raised platform mentioned above.