Thieves Guild


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Home City Abah's Landing
Location Any Outlaws Refuge
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Andarri is a drunken Khajiit member of the Thieves Guild. Along with Thrag, she will point you towards several Thieves Guild story quests once you meet the Reputation requirements.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Cleaning House[edit]

"Zeira said to keep an eye out for you. Ha!
She needs to speak with you. Wouldn't keep her waiting."
What's going on?
"Do you think she tells me things? Can't keep a secret when I'm drinking.
Something about how someone sold out the guild to the Iron Wheel. And how to put us all back on our feet. Think I'll pass on that."
I'll speak with Zeira.
"You should meet Zeira in the Den. Seemed important."
Why does Zeira want my help?
"I thought it was obvious. She can trust you because you weren't around when the Iron Wheel smashed us in the soft bits.
Unless you can move through time. I hear Dwarves could do that. But you don't look a Dwarf."
What makes Zeira think there was a traitor?
"You don't think it's strange the Iron Wheel knew exactly which nooks and crannies to plunder? They nicked most of our wealth and people in three days!
The dowry heist was bad luck for the guild. Shouldn't rob a tomb when there's fat pockets aplenty."
Tell me what you know about the dowry heist.
"The old guildmaster, Nicolas? He had some scheme to raid the family tomb of one "Magnifica Falorah." But everyone who went died … everyone but Zeira.
The price for failing to raid a noble's family tomb appears to be the Iron Wheel. Bit of an awful bargain."

The Long Game[edit]

When you speak to Andarri, she mentions Zeira has a new task for you.

"Zeira needs you in the Den. Said she has something for you."
Did she say what?
"Something about the bastard who forced Silver-Claw from his own warehouse. Cosh, I think? Some fancy-pantalooned merchant lord who might be after the guild's old rackets."
I'll talk to Zeira.
"Zeira's in the Den. Don't keep her waiting."
What do we know about Cosh?
"Haven't heard the name before Zeira said it. Some new merchant lord, trying to make a name. But don't they all?
Used to be the Thieves Guild knew every move the merchant lords made. Sad times, sad times."
The Thieves Guild used to watch the merchant lords?
"Like herons, we did. Our old guildmaster was a master at keeping their attentions on each other. Made it easier to slip our hands in their pockets.
Oh, Nicolas. The next five drinks are to your memory."
Who are the merchant lords?
"Bunch of jumped up bandits, if you ask me. Claim to run the whole city because they buy from anyone.
As if throwing gold at pirates made them lordly. Without a steady flow of plundered goods, they'd be nothing."

A Flawless Plan[edit]

After the revelation about the Dowry, Andarri will get in contact with you when Zeira is ready to investigate.

"Zeira's looking for you. Didn't seem too happy.
Nothing you did, she's just stiffer than normal. And that's saying something."
Did she say why?
"You know of our botched raid on Magnifica Falorah's tomb. But the Iron Wheel is here to recover her missing dowry. So if we didn't take it, who did?
Zeira wants answers. She's in the Den. Go on, now."
All right, I'll meet her there.
"You know where to find Zeira. Always staring at papers in the Den, she is."
What do you know about the dowry heist?/Tell me what you know about the dowry heist.
"I know Zeira doesn't like to talk about it. Lost the best of the guild to that folly.
Nicolas thought he could steal Magnifica Falorah's dowry from her family tomb."
What happened?
"Nicolas was wrong. Everyone died but Zeira. For a guildmaster, he should've known better than to bet everything on a single heist.
Best you don't repeat that to Zeira."
Why does the Iron Wheel think we stole the dowry?/I don't understand why the Iron Wheel thinks we stole the dowry.
"Someone pinned the blame on the guild. Used to think the Iron Wheel wanted revenge for us trespassing in Magnifica Falorah's family tomb.
But Chief Inspector Rhanbiq is after the missing dowry—you heard it yourself. No idea who really took it. No idea why."
Why is the Iron Wheel so concerned about a dowry?
"You think I know a lick about dowries? You trying to flatter me?
A dowry is like a bar tab—it's the promise of available drinks, not the drinks themselves. But if there was no tab, why would anyone go to that bar? You see? Good, that's one of us."

Forever Hold Your Peace[edit]

Find Andarri to start this quest.

"You hear about the wedding?"
Wedding? What wedding?
"Magnifica Falorah—the one with the missing dowry? Cosh "found" it, returned it, and now she's agreed to marry him. "For the future of Taneth," or some drivel.
Zeira thinks our old guildmaster is behind this. She wants Nicolas to pay for betraying us. So do I!"
I'll speak with Zeira.
"Last I saw Zeira, she was pacing about in the Den. Going to put a furrow in the floor if she isn't careful."
Why would Magnifica Falorah marry Cosh?
"You sound like Thrag, going on about the whims of nobles. Go ahead, ask him, and feel your head start to spin.
My head's spinning right now. Different reasons."

Prison Break[edit]

When inside the Den, Andarri once again waves you over,

"Had a feeling you'd stop by. Did you know Silver-Claw was looking for you? "Something urgent," he said."
What's up?
"That oily fat cat tried to bribe me with a fine wine to keep an eye out for you!
Of course I took his bribe. Why do you think we're talking? Said to meet him in the Den, quick as you can."
I'll find Silver Claw.

If you talk to her again she will mention a previous incident.

"Don't know why we let Silver-Claw into the Den. Always bringing those tonic bottles with him, only you find out too late it's for fur-smoothing, not belly-soothing.
But my tonsils have never been silkier."
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