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The Urshilaku Tribe is a tribe of Ashlanders living in Vvardenfell. Their camp is in the West Gash region, not far north of the city of Gnisis. Like the other major tribes, they have sent some of their members to Ald'ruhn.

They are one of the tribes studied and documented by Ulran Releth. According to Ulran, they are the most highly respected tribe, specifically because of their Farseers and Wise-Woman, who have helped usher in an era of peace among the Ashlander tribes. The Urshilaku tribe also has skilled alchemists and enchanters, and some members have a particular interest in ancient relics.

Historically, the Urshilaku tribe has been closely associated with the Nerevarine Cult, and the latest Incarnate to attempt to claim the title of Nerevarine is their own Ashkhan, Chodala.

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