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Location Varies
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Urshilaku Tribe
Azura speaks through Seryn

Seryn is a Dunmer of the Urshilaku and the sister of Chodala. She is critical of the Tribunal and seeks to unite the Ashlander tribes. During the quest Divine Inquiries, she can be found on the road southwest of Ald'ruhn.

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Divine InquiriesEdit

As you approach Ald'ruhn, you'll see Seryn under attack by three Red Exiles:

Seryn: "I demand to see my brother. Lay hands upon me and you will lose them!"
Seryn: "You there! The territory of the Red Exiles shouldn't be traveled lightly."
"Ashlanders once respected each other, helped one another. You'd think these were House wolves or Tribunal dogs, the way they treated me.
Speaking of the Tribunal, you have the smell of dog about you. I wonder why that is?"
I'm looking into something for Lord Vivec.
""Lord" Vivec, is it? And I thought all the Tribunal cared about was building monuments to their own greatness. Nice to see that one of them cares about what's going on beyond their borders.
Well, perhaps we can aid each other this day, outlander."
What kind of help do you need?
"Ashlanders are nomads, but we gather at sacred sites to trade, confer, and pay homage to the past. Ald'ruhn is such a place. That's why Chodala invited the Red Exiles here.
But these outcasts won't let me into their camp. I need to find my brother."
Who's your brother?
"My brother, Chodala, is the Ashkhan of our tribe and I am his ambassador. I act as a go-between among the tribes. Chodala wants to unite the Dunmer and calmly end the era of the bickering Houses. He hopes to convince the tribes to follow his lead."
So what do you need me to do?
"Head into the Red Exiles camp and find my brother. Otherwise, see if you can find out what he was doing in there and where he's gone.
Be wary of the outcasts. As you saw, they won't hesitate to attack without reason or provocation."
Your brother rules over the Ashlander tribes?
"No, just our tribe, the Urshilaku, though he's respected by most of the other Ashlanders for his wisdom and strength of will. He does hope to unite the tribes in a common cause, however. That's one of the reasons we've gathered here at Ald'ruhn."
Tell me more about Chodala.
"My brother and I have always worked to help our people and improve the Ashlander way of life. He used to believe that peaceful negotiation was the best path to accomplish this.
Recently, however, things have become different. He's almost like …."
Like what?
"No, that's not something I'm ready to talk about with an outsider. Perhaps after you prove your trustworthiness and willingness to help us, then we can discuss my brother in more detail.
You said Chodala wants to unite the tribes. Are you planning to go to war?
"That's not our goal, but the tribes will defend themselves if necessary.
No, we hope to present a united front and show the Houses the folly of the path they've embarked upon. Turning away from our forefathers and god-ancestors has made them weak."
Tell me more about the Red Exiles.
"The Red Exiles? They're violent, dangerous Ashlanders who were banished from their tribes and joined together to create their own clan. Chodala invited them to the gathering and went into their camp to talk, but he's been gone too long. I'm worried."
You think I'll have to fight my way through the camp?
"As you saw, hostility is second nature to the Red Exiles. We're here to negotiate, but they're no better than thieves and murderers. If they spot you in their camp, you'll need to defend yourself. It's unfortunate, but they'll leave you no choice."
I'll go look for Chodala now.
"Chodala went to meet with the Red Exiles leader and hasn't returned. If I enter the camp and have to kill any of those foolish outcasts, it could have serious repercussions for our negotiations.
Find my brother and I'll help you with your quest."

Go into the camp and find a parchment about her brother, then return to her:

"You seem to have survived your visit to the Red Exiles camp. Did you find my brother?"
No, but I found this record of his meeting with the Red Exiles leader.
"Interesting. I never suspected that the outcasts were disciplined enough to keep records such as this.
Oh no. I can't believe my brother would be so … brazen."
He called himself the Nerevarine. Do you know what that means?
"It means that Chodala really has changed. With his newfound powers and rising ambitions, I fear what he plans for the tribes.
I suppose you have a right to know what I'm talking about. Take this. I found it among my brother's possessions."
Another scroll? Did Chodala write this?
"Chodala discovered new power out in the wilderness and it changed his view of the world. He writes about it in that document.
Now he believes he's the Nerevarine and incites the tribes while I try to keep them all from doing anything rash."
What's the Nerevarine?
"You don't know? I thought—no, you're not an Ashlander, and the House Elves rarely talk about such things. Long ago, there was a hero named Nerevar. He fought alongside the Tribunal, before they claimed to be gods.
Until they betrayed him."
The Tribunal betrayed Nerevar?
"So our legends say.
Nerevar united the Chimer and forged an alliance with the Dwemer. He died at the Battle of Red Mountain. We believe the Tribunal hastened his demise, despite Vivec's claims to the contrary."
But where does the Nerevarine fit into all that?
"The Nerevarine is a promise and a prophecy. We believe that, through the power of Azura, Nerevar will return to unite all Dunmer—House and Ashlander alike—and make Morrowind great again.
The returned Nerevar will be known as the Nerevarine."
You don't believe Chodala's claim?
"While the prophecy of the Nerevarine can be interpreted as the end of the Tribunal, I have always seen it as a prediction of hope and peace.
Chodala and some Ashlanders, such as the Red Exiles, favor war. That's not the Nerevarine I believe in."
You think Chodala wants a war?
"He uses an Ashkhan's words to plant dark ideas in his followers. Ideas that speak of false gods, lost traditions, and the need for a cleansing war.
His words become more forceful every day, but I hope to dissuade him from this violent course."
Tell me about Chodala's new power.
"All I know is that his new power frightens me. Chodala returned from a sojourn in the wilderness more vibrant, more commanding. He's always been strong, but now he's fearless, practically invincible, and swifter than the fastest Ashlander scout."
What do you think is the source of Chodala's new power?
"Chodala says his new abilities strengthen his claim as the Nerevarine. I think it's the staff he carries. He had it when he returned and now it's always at his side.
I know it's unreasonable, but I hate that staff. He calls it Sunna'rah."
"Chodala stopped confiding in me, but he's still my brother. I don't know where he goes to meditate, but he has to visit the Wise Woman eventually. I'm sure we'll find him in Ald'ruhn.
Despite your 'civilized' ways, I am proud to call you my friend."

Divine DelusionsEdit

Arrive at Ald'ruhn and Seryn will hail you:

Seryn: "Outlander, quickly, this way!"
"I've been thinking about my brother's claim that he's the Nerevarine since we last spoke. No matter how I try, the word tastes false on my tongue.
And now I fear he's about to convince the Wise Woman that his quest for power will benefit the tribes."
What can I do to help?
"My brother is respected and revered. He has allies in all of the tribes, not to mention his personal Red Exiles. We have to proceed with caution, respect the Ashlander customs and traditions.
Anything else will lead to violence and bloodshed."
So what do we do?
"We talk to my brother. Try to convince him this isn't the way. Barring that, we make sure the Wise Woman doesn't get drawn into his madness.
Whatever Chodala says or does—don't attack him! We don't need a war between the Houses and the Ashlanders."
I'll follow your lead.

Enter the Wise Woman Dovrosi's Hut and Chodala will be there instead:

Seryn: "The Wise Woman … I was hoping she'd be here."
Chodala: "You're too late, dear sister. Despite your protestations, the Wise Woman has gone to the Cave of the Incarnate to confirm my claim."
Seryn: "Brother, do you really want to pursue this dangerous course?"
Chodala: "There was a time when you gave me your unconditional support, Seryn. I miss those days."

Speak to her:

"My brother Chodala is about to do something foolish—and dangerous. But by dusk and dawn, Azura put you and I on the same path for a purpose. I just hope we have enough time."
What's Chodala going to do?
"He's about to claim the title of the Nerevarine and try to unite the Ashlander tribes gathered here. He already convinced the Red Exiles to support him. He's using them to intimidate the other tribes.
If he persuaded the Wise Woman to his cause …."
Tell me about the Wise Woman.
"Wise Woman Dovrosi, the most respected councilor and spirit guide this side of Red Mountain. She went to the Cavern of the Incarnate to meditate on Chodala's claim.
If she confirms my brother's assertion, the tribes will follow wherever he leads."
We need to talk to the Wise Woman.
"Agreed, but I dare not leave Chodala alone with the tribes. I feel the hand of Azura in all this. Go to the Cavern of the Incarnate and talk to the Wise Woman. I'll stay here and try to keep things under control until you return."
Then I'll head for the Cavern of the Incarnate.
"The cavern's to the northeast of Ald'ruhn, on the other side of the mountain. Hopefully, the rumbling and lava won't slow you down too much.
Get to the cavern and talk to the Wise Woman. If she accepts Chodala's claim about the Nerevarine …."
What's the Cavern of the Incarnate?
"My brother isn't the first to believe he's Nerevar returned. All of the previous Failed Incarnates rest within the cavern. A statue of Azura watches over them as they await the arrival of the true Nerevarine."
Tell me more about the Nerevarine.
"Azura proclaimed that someday Indoril Nerevar, a hero from our ancient past, would return to unite the Dark Elves and right the wrongs of Nirn. We call the returned incarnate the Nerevarine.
My brother Chodala believes that he's Nerevar reborn."
You don't agree with your brother?
"When Chodala became a gulakhan, a champion of our people, I supported him. When he stepped forward as ashkhan, leader of our tribe, I was at his side.
But this new claim, it comes with strange powers and talk of war. I can't support those things."
"The tribes won't decide anything before the Wise Woman returns, but Chodala's followers could start causing trouble if she's gone too long.
When you get to the Cavern of the Incarnate, tell her I sent you to talk to her."

Return from speaking with Azura at the cavern and Seryn will be waiting for you again:

Seryn: "Thank the moon and star, you've returned!"
"The Wise Woman returned from the Cavern of the Incarnate and went right into Skar to meet with the tribes. Chodala's in there, too, about to be named the Nerevarine.
Tell me you came back with something to stop my brother's rise to power."
I spoke to some of the Incarnates and they gave me these scrolls.
"Ah, of course! Use the tales of the Failed Incarnates to counter Chodala's arguments. That's brilliant!
Well, except for one problem."
"An outlander has no status in the council. The Ashlanders won't listen to a word you say. Someone else has to present the arguments. Someone they trust.
I suppose that means I have to challenge my brother. With your help, of course."
How can I help you if I can't talk during the council?
"You spoke to the Incarnates, not me. I'm familiar with their stories, but I'll need you to help me choose the appropriate argument to counter each of Chodala's claims.
I hate opposing my brother in this. I just don't see another way."
When should I give you Incarnate Ranso's scroll?
"Incarnate Ranso was strong and powerful. He thought that by strength alone he could unite the Ashlanders. He failed.
When Chodala proclaims his power, that's when we'll refer to this scroll's sad tale."
When should I give you Incarnate Aduri's scroll?
"Incarnate Aduri was a champion of my people. She defended us against great threats. But when she grew to love war for war's sake, she proved she wasn't the Nerevarine.
When Chodala proclaims that war is the answer, hand me this scroll."
When should I give you Incarnate Danaat's scroll?
"Incarnate Danaat thought his way was the best way. He rejected the counsel of the Wise Women and the Ashkhans. Something Nerevar would never do.
When Chodala proclaims he knows better than anyone, we'll use this scroll."
All right, let's go dispute your brother's claim.

Seryn will run to the massive crab and yell:

Seryn: "Meet me inside!"

Chodala's TrialEdit

Inside the Skar, the meeting will commence:

Chodala: "Must we continue this farce? It's obvious that I'm the Nerevarine."
Wise Woman Dovrosi: "Someone has stepped forward to challenge your claim, Chodala."
Chodala: "Seryn? I'm disappointed in you, dear sister."
Wise Woman Dovrosi: "Enough! I shall hear your arguments and render my decision."

At this point Chodala will give his reasons for why he is the Neravarine. You will need to direct Seryn wich scroll to use to defeat each of his three arguments.

If you get a scroll wrong, instead of calling forth an incarnate, Seryn will say:

Seryn: "This doesn't look right."

Chodala will respond with:

Chodala: "Must we continue to tolerate this travesty?"

And Seryn will warn:

"Be careful. We need to get these right."

Chodala's first argumentEdit

Chodala: "Even the outlander can see that I'm the most powerful Ashkhan. My strength alone proves I am the Nerevarine!"'

Speak with her.

"Chodala puts forth his great strength as proof of his claim.
Give me the scroll that discounts such a trait for the Nerevarine."

Correct scroll:

Try Incarnate Ranso's scroll.
"Yes, that's a sound argument."
Seryn: "Incarnate, appear!"
Incarnate Ranso: "As a warrior and as an Ashkhan, I was the most powerful of my age. But for all my strength, I failed my people. Don't follow my example!"

Chodala's second argumentEdit

Chodala: "The faithless Houses dare to threaten our land. But we shall meet them in battle and I will lead us to victory!"

Speak to Seryn.

"This is more nerve-racking than I anticipated! Which scroll do you recommend to counter this argument?"

Correct scroll:

Perhaps Incarnate Aduri's scroll is the best to counter this argument.
"That makes sense. I'll try that."
Seryn: "Incarnate, appear!"
Incarnate Aduri: "I thought the path to the Nerevarine was a path of blood and battle, but my love of war was my undoing. War is not the way."

Chodala's third argumentEdit

Chodala: "These Failed Incarnates prove nothing! I need no counsel but my own, as befits my status as the Nerevarine!"

Speak to her.

"I think it's working. One more strong assertion and that should do it!"

Correct scroll:

Incarnate Danaat's scroll should disprove that assumption.
"Of course. Let's see what happens."
Seryn: "Incarnate, appear!"
Incarnate Danaat: "I refused to accept the counsel of the Wise Women and the Ashkhans. I thought I knew best, but I knew nothing. That is not the way of the Nerevarine."

With the last of the testimonies, Dovrosi will give her verdict:

Wise Woman Dovrosi: "Seryn and the outlander, their arguments have merit."
Wise Woman Dovrosi: "Chodala, we deny your claim. You are not the Nerevarine."
Chodala: "This proves nothing! Look how the staff protects me! I am the Nerevarine! Red Exiles, slay the unbelievers!"
Seryn: "Brother, no!"

Everyone will flee the chamber leaving you alone to fight the exiles.

Outside the Skar, you'll find Seryn lamenting the turn of events:

Seryn: "I hate what my brother's become."

Suddenly she falls to her knees, then begins to levitate with a familiar glow:

Azura: "Mortal, I would have words with you."

After you finis conversing with Azura, Seryn will return:

Seryn: "That was … exhilarating!"
"That was … glorious! Lady Azura's presence filled me with such … wonder. She actually spoke through me!
I heard everything she said and I felt her sense of urgency. You need to return to Vivec City immediately."
She said you were her champion and that I would need your help.
"And help you I shall. Return to Vivec City while I track down my brother and his damnable staff. With the Ashlanders against him, he won't have many options. After I locate him, I'll meet you and we can find a way to break through Chodala's defenses."

Divine InterventionEdit

Go to see Barilzar and he'll have you help him invent a tonal inverter. Take the inverter back to Vivec City and you'll find Archcanon Tarvus in his office… along with two Bouyant Armigers faced off against Seryn.

Archcanon Tarvus: "Your presence defiles this city, Ashlander. How dare you demand to see our god?"
Seryn: "I'm here to help. If you won't listen to me, listen to the outlander!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "Thank the Three, the outlander has returned. Was Barilzar able to help us?"

After speaking to Tarvus, he will leave with the Armigers, leaving you with Seryn:

"If that old idiot is what passes for a Tribunal leader, it's no wonder the Houses are in such disarray.
No time to dwell on that, though. I found my brother! And it's worse than I feared. Chodala's quest for power has led him down a dark path."
What do you mean, a dark path?
"Chodala and his most loyal followers have taken refuge in a ruin called Kaushtarari. It's an ancient shrine devoted to the Daedric Prince Malacath.
I think my brother plans to ask the God of Curses to help him."
I've got a device that will counter Sunna'rah, but I need your help to use it.
"It will allow us to stop Chodala? Then of course I'll help you.
Since the Tribunal's dogs took my weapons, I'll need to replace them. Meet me at the ruins when you're ready."
I'll see you at Kaushtarari.
"I'll meet you at the Daedric shrine after I recover my weapons and make a few final preparations."

Arrive at Kaushtarari and you'll find Seryn waiting for you outside the entrance:

"Here we are, on the Furious One's bloody doorstep, preparing to enter a Daedric ruin to try to stop my brother's march toward power.
I hope that device you mentioned really can counter the invulnerability granted by the staff, Sunna'rah."
Take this. It's a tonal inverter. It should disrupt the staff's power for a short amount of time.
"Well, that's larger than I expected. But it looks simple enough to operate.
I suppose it's better that I work the device. I'm not sure I'm capable of attacking Chodala. He's still my brother, no matter how dangerous his beliefs have become."
Take a look at these instructions. They explain how to use the tonal inverter.
"I'll help you counter the effects of Sunna'rah. Maybe once we neutralize it, Chodala will listen to reason.
I know that's probably just wishful thinking. I'll settle for finding out who tempted Chodala with that damn staff."
Maybe you can clarify a few points before we head inside.
"Go ahead. Ask your questions. Then head into the ruins. I'll be right behind you."
Who's Malacath?/Tell me more about Malacath.
"Malacath's an evil god, the Daedric Prince of curses and broken promises. Perhaps that's why Chodala has sought him out. The prophecy of the Nerevarine was Chodala's to fulfill before it was wrenched away from him."
Could Malacath be involved in what's happening to Vivec?
"Perhaps, but I don't think so. The Oathbreaker prefers a more direct approach. He isn't one to hide behind convoluted schemes and plots. Still, if Malacath agrees to support my brother, we'll have one more problem to deal with."
I saw you and the Archcanon arguing back in Vivec City. Why have you agreed to help us?/You and the Archcanon didn't get along very well. Why have you agreed to help us?
"It's true I have no love of the Tribunal. I also have no stomach for a war between my people and the Great Houses. Too much blood would be spilled for no good end. Even Azura proclaims that my brother must be stopped. I'll help you in any way I can".
Why would Chodala seek refuge in a Daedric shrine?
"The tribes rejected him. Azura set her face against him. Now Chodala's seeking aid wherever he can find it. That makes him more desperate than I imagined - and more dangerous. Why he decided to aid Malacath, the God of Curses. I have no idea."

Before entering, she'll add:

"We don't know what my brother is doing inside Malacath's shrine, but we have to find out.
I'm ready to enter the ruins whenever you are."

Not far into the ruin, you'll find a number of Red Exiles that have been attacked by the Skaafin that inhabit the place:

Seryn: "Over there! Those Red Exiles—they've been slaughtered!"

Speak to the injured Exile and he'll tell you that Chodala has gone mad. Enter the next room and you'll find Chodala on the dais of Malacath's shrine:

Chodala: "You dare refuse me, Malacath? I am the Nerevarine!"
Seryn: "Chodala, brother, stop this madness!"
Chodala: "You bring this outlander to kill me, sister?"
Chodala: "You can't harm me! I have a powerful patron on my side!"

Chodala casts a shield on himself:

Seryn: "The staff protects him. You can't hurt him until we use the tonal inverter."
Seryn: "I need a moment to get this working …."
Chodala: "What is that? No matter. You are no longer worth my time."

Chodala summons a number of Skaafin to try and interrupt Seryn with the inverter:

Seryn: "Skaafin! They serve the Prince of Bargains. Keep them busy while I finish this."

Defeat the Skaafin and Seryn will have the inverter ready:

Seryn: "The tonal inverter is ready. Stand in the field and focus the wave."
Chodala: "My protective shield—what have you done? I'll destroy all of you for this!"

Chodala will attack and you'll have no other option but to kill Seryn's brother:

Seryn: "Oh, brother, why did it have to come to this?"
Seryn: "Azura, we've dealt with the false Nerevarine, just as you commanded."

The Ashlander will be in tears:

"That was … harder than I expected.
Chodala was so angry … so full of rage. Not like himself at all. Still, I can't believe I helped kill my own brother …."
We did what was necessary.
"I know that! It was either Chodala or the lives of hundreds of Dunmer, all because he convinced himself he was the Nerevarine. Or someone convinced him.
Either way, my brother is dead and the Cavern of the Incarnate has another resident."
We should return to Vivec City.
"Take Sunna'rah and I'll meet you back in Vivec City. Your Archcanon made it quite clear that the staff was the key to saving Vivec.
I need to take care of my brother's remains. Then we'll be done here."

If you speak to her again, she'll repeat:

"I need to take care of my brother's remains. You should gather up Sunna'rah and return to Vivec City. I'll meet you there.
Now, please. I need to handle this myself."

Return to the palace and attempt to revive Lord Vivec with Sunna'rah. Seryn will come running in:

Seryn: "What are you doing? It's killing him!"
Archcanon Tarvus: "What did you expect? That's the point of all this, after all!"
Seryn: "I've powered up the tonal inverter! Activate the wave!"

Activate the tonal inverter and the Archcanon will reveal his true identity:

Barbas: "You're too late! I see it now, the Clockwork City! Look what Barbas found for you, Master!"

A version of the Clockwork City appears and Barbas vanishes… with Sunna'rah. Speak to Seryn:

"I knew something was wrong as soon as I approached the palace! I could feel it in my bones.
I was on my way here when Azura showed me a vision. I saw Sunna'rah, killing Vivec. Even without Chodala, that damn staff is dangerous!"
The Archcanon seemed to know that Sunna'rah wasn't going to help Lord Vivec.
"I don't think that thing was ever the Archcanon. It called itself Barbas.
As an Ashlander, I'm more familiar with Daedric lore than most of the Elves of the Great Houses. Beyond that, I've made a study of the most prominent Daedric Princes."
Why are the Daedra relevant to all this?
"Because Barbas is a loyal servant of the Daedric Prince, Clavicus Vile. I'm not an expert on the Prince of Bargains, but it seems to me that this was all part of some grand plan.
Perhaps Vivec can explain things better than I can."
"See what Vivec can tell us about Barbas—while he's still able to talk."

Speak to Vivec and return to Seryn:

"My brother—duped by the hound of Clavicus Vile!
This is bad. Very bad. And the Tribunal god isn't in any shape to assist us. How can we find this Clockwork City without Vivec's help? Perhaps that priest can tell us more."

Canon Llevule will have entered the chamber. Speak to him and Seryn will add:

"Do what you can for Vivec. I'll pray to Azura for guidance, then I might go and poke around the Archcanon's office. See if he left anything behind that might shed some light on this terrible situation."

Divine RestorationEdit

Once Canon Lleuvele rouses Vivec, his lordship will send you to speak to Seryn to seek Azura's aid. You'll find Seryn in the former archcanon's office:

Seryn: "Outlander, over here. I've been trying to find something that makes sense of all—"

Seryn begins to convulse and glow once again:

Azura: "Mortal, the Lady of Twilight has words for you!"

Once Azura releases Seryn, the ashlander will say:

Seryn: "The Mother Soul has blessed us both, outlander."
"The Mother Soul, talking through me! Even after the tragedy of my brother, I am blessed. But time is running out for Vivec, for Vvardenfell.
You must follow Barilzar and stop Barbas. Meanwhile, Azura has other work for me to do."

After your adventures in the Clockwork City, you'll return to Vivec's Private Chambers:

Seryn: "Hurry outlander! Vivec is nearly spent."
"I've done everything the Lady of Dawn and Dusk instructed me to, but now Vivec's fate is in your hands.
Do what you can, outlander, and do it quickly."

Vivec will ask you to use the power of the staff again. Do so and restore the living god's power:

"It appears to have worked. Vivec's energy is restored.
While I've never wished them harm, I also never thought I'd help save the life of a Tribunal pretender. Ah well, at least Red Mountain has returned to its slumber."

Divine BlessingEdit

Before leaving Vivec's chambers to start the ceremony, she'll say:

"To save my people and the land itself, I was forced to sacrifice my brother. Chodala's own pride and ambition brought him down, but the blame falls squarely on Clavicus Vile and his damn hound, Barbas.
Anyway, I am proud to call you my friend."

After the ceremony, she'll tell you:

"I may not consider him to be a true deity, but Vivec doesn't seem to be an entirely bad sort.
I'll be heading back to my tribe soon. I'm glad we got a chance to see each other again before I take my leave."
Are you doing all right after all this?
"I lost my brother to ambition and became the champion of Azura. From that point of view, I suppose I'm doing as well as can be expected.
I'll return to the tribes. Pick up where Chodala and I left off—before he decided he was the Nerevarine."
Has Azura told you anything else?
"Not directly. But I do have a sense that malignant forces are gathering on the planes of Oblivion, but that could just be the scrib jelly and cheese I ate for lunch.
Farewell, outlander. May the Queen of the Night Sky guide you on your travels."

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