The Sapiarchs are a group of Altmeri mages and scholars. They can be found throughout Summerset Isle, particularly at the College of Sapiarchs and the Crystal Tower. The Sapiarchs play a key role in the main questline of the Summerset chapter. For more information, see the lore page.

There is also a style associated with this faction, the Sapiarch Style. Chapters of this style book can be found by completing repeatable quests for the Divine Prosecution. Crafting Sapiarch Style items requires ON-icon-style material-Culanda Lacquer.pngCulanda Lacquer.



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Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Enemy of My Enemy.png Enemy of My Enemy 10 Complete the "A Necessary Alliance" quest.
ON-icon-achievement-The Good of the Many.png The Good of the Many 50 Stop the conspiracy sowing chaos through Summerset, protect the Crystal Tower, and forge a new alliance to restore the Isles to order.
ON-icon-achievement-Resolute Guardian.png Resolute Guardian 10 Complete the "The Tower Sentinels" quest.
ON-icon-quest-Book 01.png Sapiarch Style Master 50 Learn every chapter in the Sapiarch style book, occasionally found as rewards for completing daily quests for the Divine Prosecution.
ON-icon-achievement-What Must Be Done.png What Must Be Done 10 Complete the "The Crystal Tower" quest.

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Furnishing Type Price Achievement/Quest Description