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Book Information
ID 5066
Collection Summerset Scrolls
Needed for Culture Clash
Found in the following locations:
  • Given to you by Sapiarch Tandemen in Alinor
Sapiarch's Recommendation
by Sapiarch Tandemen

Courtier Vindilween,

Forgive the lack of official College of Sapiarchs' stationary [sic], but I am awaiting a new shipment from Lillandril. In the meantime, please accept this fine sheet of parchment and my heartfelt recommendation that Ambassador Rigurt the Brash of Skyrim and the Ebonheart Pact be graciously and immediately granted an audience with her majesty, the Proxy Queen Alwinarwe.

I find Rigurt to be a boisterous breath of fresh air in the otherwise stagnant halls of Alinor. It is time for us to embrace the Queen's decree and welcome visitors with open arms and friendly smiles. I can think of no better place to begin than with this delightful Nord who calls himself Rigurt and likes to remind you of his name at every opportunity.

In the name of knowledge and our ongoing pursuit of perfection,

Tandemen, Sapiarch of Foreign Observations