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Sapiarch Soraturil
Home Settlement Lillandril
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sapiarchs
Sapiarch Soraturil

Sapiarch Soraturil is the Altmer Master of Psychocartography found in Lillandril who has been relegated to looking after relations with the Mages Guild.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you speak to Soraturil before speaking to Vivienne Muric, he'll greet you with:

"Welcome to Lillandril. I do hope you won't follow this young docent's example and start hurling wild accusations about Sapiarch laws and customs. That would go poorly. For everyone."

Otherwise, he'll say:

"If you insist on involving yourself in some vain investigatory charade, I won't stop you. But tread carefully. The Sapiarchs have little tolerance for amateur detectives."
Who are you?
"Who are you? Hand of Auri-El, what has Queen Ayrenn wrought?
I am Soraturil, Sapiarch Master of Psychocartography—the mapping of aurbic thought-forms and dream phenomena. I also find myself saddled with the role of cultural attache."
So you interact with the Mages Guild?
"I interact with all manner of strange and uncultured individuals. But yes, I maintain relations between my order and the Mages Guild's new arrivals. A trying enterprise.
Please, if only for my sake, keep your business here peaceable. All right?"

After discovering the truth of the murder the dialogue will change depending on your previous choice with Emile:

"You have new evidence to present? Very well. I trust your investigation was thorough and unbiased? Or rather, as thorough and unbiased as an itinerant newcomer can manage.
What new evidence do you wish to enter into the official record?"
Emile is innocent. A deranged stone creature killed Haladan. These notes explain everything.
"This handwriting … yes, I'd recognize Haladan's penmanship anywhere. Syrabanes's ring! How could he be so foolish? Brewing up alchemical vampirism? Experimenting in secret?
I cannot believe one of our own could be so reckless!"
It was the only way he knew to save his friend.
"Had he only spoken to us …. Do you see now? The bitter fruits of heedless magic? This is what happens when you turn away from tradition!
Regardless, it appears you were right. Emile did not kill Haladan. I will nullify his conviction."
So Emile is free to resume his studies?
"Emile is free to leave our island. Permanently. The Sapiarchs and the Mages Guild clearly have a long way to go before we can rely upon each other.
As for you—I must confess, I find your diligence … commendable. Take this, and my apologies."
"I will sign Emile's release papers immediately, but I will also insist on his exile from Summerset.
The Mages Guild can decide what they want to do to him once he leaves. The Sapiarchs will have nothing more to do with this amateurish farce."
What will become of Haladan's legacy?
"We will scrub it clean. The Sapiarchs cannot allow the works of a heedless fool to sully our shelves. Haladan knew the costs of embarrassing our order when he joined.
Those who shame us, living or dead, must suffer the consequences of their actions."
And Norasea?
"We will hunt her down and destroy her. This brings me no pleasure, I assure you. But we cannot allow an alchemically-bred vampire to roam our lands unchecked.
You may disagree, but the fault lies with Emile and Haladan, not the Sapiarchs."
[Lie] I have no new evidence. Emile is guilty.
"Well, that is a surprise.
As farcical as your investigation might have been, I appreciate your willingness to side with the facts. It does much to restore my opinion of the Mages Guild in Lillandril."
What will happen to Emile now?
"I've already spoken with the Guild diplomat, Calawende. We resolved to send Emile back to Stormhaven.
Leaving a Breton to rattle around in a High Elf prison would reflect poorly on all of us. Better to imprison him among his own kind."
So that's it then?
"Mercifully, yes. The Mages Guild promised to imprison Emile for the rest of his brief Breton life. I have no reason to doubt their sincerity given your honesty today.
Let us put this matter behind us. The Guild and the Sapiarchs must move forward."

After you complete the quest if you respected Emile's wishes:

"Now then. I see no reason to delay Emile's exile. I will formalize his conviction today, and have him turned over to the Mages Guild shortly thereafter.
This sordid affair has caused enough pain. I'll not draw it out."
What does this mean for the Mages Guild?
"Your honesty and Calawende's willingness to accede to our demands give me hope for the future.
The Mages Guild suffers from all the vices of youth, but perhaps, with our help, it can grow into an organization worthy of its proud High Elf heritage."