Online:Sapiarch Imedril

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Sapiarch Imedril
Location King's Haven Pass
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sapiarchs
Sapiarch Imedril

Sapiarch Imedril is an Altmer sapiarch and one of the two tower sentinels—guardians of the diamond keys that open the Crystal Tower—alongside Sapiarch Hannayel.

While she stayed in the Illumination Academy, Imedril chose to visit King's Haven Pass instead where Mephala tried drag him into The Spiral Skein. The Golden Knight managed to save him with your help but he was sucked into her realm instead. Imedril was fatally poisoned however and dies shortly after.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Upon approaching the scene with Imedril and the Golden Knight, you hear Imedril exclaim:

"Don't... don't let it take me..."

After, he'll give his last words:

"The spider poison... it's spreading fast. Take this... Resolute Diamond. Don't let the Golden Knight's sacrifice... be in vain..."
I'll protect the diamond. Sapiarch Larnatille sent me to find you. Hannayel is safe.
"Then you know... we're tower sentinels... guardians of the diamond keys that open the Crystal Tower.
Please... make sure my diamond... remains safe..."
What happened to the Golden Knight?
"Mephala... Prince of the Secret Arts... She sought my diamond... but also seemed very interested in... the Golden Knight.
I fear... she's taken him... to the Spiral Skein..."
Rest easy, tower sentinel.
"Tell Hannayel... I'm sorry..."

He will then pass away.