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Portal Master Astirhil
Home Settlement Lillandril
Location Portal to the College of Sapiarchs
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sapiarchs
Portal Master Astirhil

Portal Master Astirhil is an Altmer member of the College of Sapiarchs in charge of manning the portal connecting it to the city of Lillandril.

She will only be present during the related quest where she will accompany you and Valsirenn to the college grounds where you discover it's been attacked by Mephala's daedra, and returns to Lillandril with Sapiarch Ellimil to warn the guards.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you speak to her before speaking to Valsirenn she will say:

"The College of Sapiarchs isn't open to the public. We don't just let anyone wander around in its academic splendor.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of reading to get through before the next lecture."

If you have spoken to Valsirenn:

"Not now, please. I really must prepare for tonight's lecture. Besides, only those with permission may enter the College of Sapiarchs. We can't have just anyone wandering around the compound."
I need to enter the College of Sapiarchs. The Proxy Queen said she would send word.
"So you're the luminary the Proxy Queen wants me to treat with kid gloves. And I suppose the arrogant Psijic is with you?
Oh very well. Let's get this over with."
How do we get to the Sapiarch's compound?
"The compound has been purposely isolated to serve as a sanctuary and place of study. Research and scholarship require solitude and quiet, after all. We use magic to travel back and forth.
I'll prepare the portal dais when you're ready to cross."
I'm ready to go to the College now.
"Just follow me and step onto the dais."

If Murder In Lillandril has been started or completed then you will gain an additional dialogue option:

I'm investigating the murder of Sapiarch Haladan.
"What's to investigate? That dreadful person from the Mages Guild confessed!
Oh, I suppose Soraturil wants all the details recorded. He is, after all the Sapiarch of Procedural Dynamics."
I investigated the murder of Sapiarch Haladan.

If Emile Oncent was found guilty:

"That was you? Thanks for bringing the truth to light.
I still can't believe a member of the Mages Guild could kill someone in cold blood. Haladan was an exemplary Sapiarch. He'll be interred in the Labyrinth crypts with full honors."

If Emile Oncent was exonerated:

"That was you? I suppose resolve is one way to put it.
Poor Haladan. Misguided and deluded. He threw away his life's work and ruined his reputation."

When you're in the college she will exclaim:

"By the Seven Sacred Texts! Who has dared invade this place of learning?"

Speaking to her before talking to Sapiarch Ellimil has her say:

"This … this is an abomination. A travesty! Attacking the Sapiarchs? Daedra in the College? It's … highly unusual!
I can't stay here. It's too dangerous!"

After you've spoken to Sapiarch Ellimil she will say:

Portal Master Astirhil: "I'll return to Lillandril and warn the guards."
Sapiarch Ellimil: "Good idea. Perhaps I should accompany you."