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Home Settlement Rellenthil
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sapiarchs

Rinyde is an Altmer mage and assistant to the Sapiarch of Artifice at the College of Sapiarchs who has come to Rellenthil to look for her brother Larydel, who has run away to join the House of Reveries, and asks for your help finding him.

She can be found in two places to start; just on the other side of the bridge that leads to town, and to the west of the Manor of Masques.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Manor of Masques: Audition for the House of Reveries and help find a missing sibling.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you approach you'll hear her say:

"Drat! Which one could he possibly be?"

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"You there! You're new to Rellenthil, aren't you? You certainly look like an outsider.
I regret the necessity, but I must beg your aid. My brother is about to make a terrible mistake and join an appalling organization."
What kind of organization? Cultists? Insurgents?
"Worse. An acting troupe.
The House of Reveries may be famous across Summerset, but my brother is one of the most gifted academics of our generation. For him to waste his talents performing for rich nobles is just... irresponsible!"
Where's your brother now?
"I fear he's already signed up, and that's why I require you as an ally. I'll need you to infiltrate the acting troupe. Larydel—my brother—knows my face, but he does not know yours.
You must find him for me so I can talk him out of this!"
All right. I'll help you find your brother.
"Auri-El himself would smile on your kindness.
Now, we haven't a moment to waste. The House of Reveries is hosting auditions this very moment. You must present yourself to Alchemy, the audition master, and impress her with your performance."
I have to audition?
"Well, they don't take just anyone. Only the most talented performers even get an audition, but don't worry. I've already devised a solution.
I've enchanted a set of knives that will allow you to juggle with perfect rhythm. They would impress anyone!"
How do these enchanted knives work?
"Oh, it's quite simple, really. Toss one in the air and relax your mind. Your hands will do the rest. I've used them a number of times and never cut myself, and I'm about as coordinated as a drunken mudcrab.
I'm certain you'll impress a sponsor."
What can you tell me about your brother?
"Larydel and I have studied magic all of our lives, and have found few who match our skills. I knew it only a matter of time before a great opportunity came along, but even I was shocked when we were invited to join the Sapiarchs."
You're joining the Sapiarchs?
"Yes, a rather rare and momentous occasion. You're currently looking at the new assistant to the Sapiarch of Artifice. Not a position to be taken lightly.
But how does Larydel react to such incredible news? He runs away to join the theater!"
Why did Larydel leave?
"I have no idea. He just left a letter saying not to look for him. I suspect it's just nerves.
I can't imagine leaving my brother behind to rot here in Rellenthil. I need to find him and help him see reason."
How do you know your brother is here in Relenthil?
"At first I tried to search for him myself, but Larydel is an even more powerful mage than I. He was able to obstruct any spell I cast to find him.
I was able to track him here using more mundane means, but it's set me back a month."
Why does he want to join the House of Reveries?
"Honestly, I couldn't tell you what is going through his head right now. For him to even consider wasting his talent on entertaining nobles with parlor tricks! Why, it's simply unthinkable."
Are you sure we should stop him?
"What, and let this madness continue?
No, Larydel is both a mage and researcher of extraordinary talents. He would be of great benefit to Summerset, perhaps even all of Tamriel! I just need to speak with him, and I'm sure I'll convince him to leave."
Can you tell me more about the audition process?
"From what I understand, it starts with impressing a sponsor.
A senior member of the House of Reveries selects applicants who they believe have demonstrated talent. They then train that applicant for a final audition in front of the Grand Maestro."
A final audition?
'"It determines if you'll be accepted into the troupe or not. Not that you truly need to worry about that. As long as you acquire Alchemy as your sponsor and are allowed access to other Hopefuls, you should be able to find out where Larydel is."
I have to be sponsored by... Alchemy?
"In this case, Alchemy is a mer, not a practice. She's a member of the troupe, and sponsor to the current potentials.
They all have silly names like that. Banter, Serenade, Clever. Just another complication in our ever eventful search."

If spoken to before heading up:

"You'll find the House of Reveries' amphitheater just up the road. Simply take the stage and juggle my enchanted knives for those observing your performance. I'm certain you'll draw Alchemy's attention."

You won't speak to her again until you've recovered a gryphon feather for the mask. She will be seated in the open-air tavern across the street from the Rellenthil Bathhouse reading a book. There will be a slight dialogue change if you're wearing the mask or not. If wearing the mask, she will greet you with:

"I heard that you were able to procure Alchemy's sponsorship. Excellent.
I see you've been given a Hopeful's mask as well. Such a quaint practice. Auri-El knows our task would be far easier if they weren't a tradition."

If you're not wearing the mask:

"I heard your audition was a success. Of course, I knew my daggers would impress.
Now, you need to mingle with the other potentials and figure out which one is Larydel. No easy task, given this troupe's traditions."
How will I recognize your brother?
"As twins we share a striking resemblance, but all Hopefuls wear a mask. Still, I have a suggestion.
We were attacked by a gryphon when we were little. Larydel pushed me aside to save me, and took a wound to his chest. He still has the scar."
Is there any other way I might recognize him?
"None come to mind. Say, why don't you take my journal? I've kept numerous notes on my interactions with Larydel, leading up to when he decided to leave for Rellenthil.
Perhaps something in there will offer the clues you seek."
I'll give your journal a look and see if I can identify Larydel.

If you talk to her again before leaving, she says:

"I do hope my journal is helpful. I'd never write down anything improper, so don't worry about my privacy. All that's important now is learning as much as you can about Larydel."

Talk to the Hopefuls and Alchemy, then look for Rinyde again.

"Oh, hello! Sorry for wandering away. I've been so worried about finding my brother, I thought I'd take a moment to just breathe. I always find the sea so calming.
How goes your search? Were you able to discover which of the hopefuls is Larydel?"
First, I have a message for you from Alchemy.
"Oh, drat, I was hoping she wouldn't discover you. She's a mage, you know. We recognize our own, and magic comes off her in waves powerful enough that even a blind novice would notice.
Well? What did she say?"
She said Larydel left because he envies you. He doesn't want to speak with you.
"But—that's ridiculous! Larydel and I, we've always been together. The only time we were apart were the three minutes between when I was born and he was. No, that's ludicrous. Larydel never envied me. He was better than me!
Alchemy is lying to you."
She said Larydel should choose his own path. She asked us to let him do that.
"Absolutely not! Can you imagine one of the top mages of our generation doing parlor tricks for wine-gobbling nobles? It would be a crime against Summerset.
No, we must bring him to his senses. Tell me, what name has he taken here?"

Here the dialogue option will vary depending on who you elected to guess in the previous conversation with Alchemy. The option to prefer not to guess is always present. If you told Alchemy that Larydel isn't among the hopefuls, you'll only have the option not to guess.

I believe he's Firebird.
"Thank you, I suppose. It's now clear Larydel has lost his way. He has truly lost himself in this fantasy of becoming a thespian.
No matter. We shall solve this at the final audition. Once I reveal Larydel with magic, he'll have to leave with me."
I believe he's Clever.
"Thank you, I suppose. It's now clear Larydel has lost his way. He has truly lost himself in this fantasy of becoming a thespian.
No matter. We shall solve this at the final audition. Once I reveal Larydel with magic, he'll have to leave with me."
I believe he's Feathermoth.
"Thank you, I suppose. It's now clear Larydel has lost his way. He has truly lost himself in this fantasy of becoming a thespian.
No matter. We shall solve this at the final audition. Once I reveal Larydel with magic, he'll have to leave with me."
I believe he's Alchemy.
"What? You believe Larydel is Alchemy in disguise?
No, that's ridiculous. Alchemy has clearly been in the House of Reveries for some time, and Larydel only recently applied. I'll simply reveal the performers with magic. He'll have to leave then."
I prefer not to guess.
"I see. Perhaps I asked too much of you, involving you in an affair that I should have handled myself.
No matter. We shall solve this at the final audition. Once I reveal Larydel with magic, he'll have to leave with me."
You'd really force your brother to join the Sapiarchs against his wishes?
"This is bigger than desires, and joining the Sapiarchs isn't just my dream! It was once Larydel's too. We both longed to study magic with the best in Summerset, and he's just... forgotten.
As his sister, as one who loves him, I must remind him."
You plan to use a spell to unmask Larydel during his performance?
"Yes. Once his identity is revealed to all, the House of Reveries cannot allow him to join. That is their requirement, is it not? To keep their identities secret?
Once the spell they've cast on him is broken, I'm certain Layrdel 
[sic] will leave with me."

If you speak to her before leaving, she'll say:

"It's now clear Larydel has lost his way. He has been consumed by this fantasy of becoming a thespian.
No matter. We shall solve this at the auditions. Once I reveal Larydel with magic, he'll have to leave the troupe."

You have the option to either warn Alchemy or let the unmasking happen. She will appear on the stage, and either unmask the Hopefuls, or if you warned Alchemy, only you. If she succeeded in unmasking them, she will be disappointed: "But—I was certain Larydel was here." If you sabotaged it, she'll be angry at you: "You! How could you—you betrayed me!" She disappears with a poof in both cases.

Then you are presented with a choice again, suggesting Alchemy tells the truth to Rinyde or not. Talk to Rinyde on the beach. If she did not manage to unmask the Hopefuls:

"Come to gloat over my misfortune? Or does Alchemy simply want to make sure I leave town?
No matter. Neither of you need worry about me any longer. My brother wants nothing to do with me, and I'll respect that. I depart for Lillandril today."

If she succeeded in unmasking them:

"You. I want to blame you for this, but—you were right. I was foolish. I never meant for anyone to get hurt. All those poor performers—did I really destroy their chance to join the House of Reveries? I hope not. I hope they can still join."

The rest of the dialogue depends on what you told Alchemy to do. If Alchemy said Larydel will send a letter:

I've spoken to Alchemy, and have a message from her about Larydel.
"So my persistence has finally convinced my brother to speak to me? Or is this simply another warning to never again contact the sibling who is like my other half? No matter. Larydel has obviously turned his back on me. Deliver your message."
While I cannot speak for Larydel, he will write you once you reach Lillandril.
"If he's willing to talk in a letter, why can't he talk to me in person? No matter. This is no longer your concern, but you did aid me. You deserve recompense. Take this and consider our business concluded."

She'll then walk towards the Alinor docks, and is never seen again.

If Alchemy wants to talk to her:

Please don't leave yet. Alchemy wishes to speak to you about Larydel.
"Why now, after everything?
Fine. I'll listen, if only to give her a piece of my mind for keeping my brother from me. If Larydel is truly set upon joining the House of Reveries, he should have told me instead of running away. I deserve a goodbye."
She'll be along shortly.
"I don't understand any of this, but I do know you involved yourself in a matter that you had no need to. And I suppose you were trying to help. That deserves some recompense.
Take this for your efforts. I won't trouble you again."

You can listen to their conversation afterwards.

Alchemy: "Rinyde! Wait. We must speak."
Rinyde: "If you wish to speak on Larydel's behalf, speak. I have no time for games."
Alchemy: "I—I must apologize, Rinyde. I wasn't honest with you. Larydel never envied your ability with magic. He feared you wouldn't join the Sapiarchs if he insisted on remaining here."
Rinyde: "How can I believe a word you say? If Larydel truly believed that, he would speak to me himself."
Alchemy: "I am speaking with you, Rinny."
Rinyde: "Larydel? But—but how?"
Alchemy: "I've been a member for over a year now, and I should have never lied to you. I feared, well—what I feared doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to tell you the truth. All of it."
Rinyde: "You had best do so at once, little brother—little sister. If this is truly what you wanted, why not just tell me? All I want is for you to be happy?"
Alchemy: "Then perhaps we can both be happy now, even if we must be apart."
Rinyde: "But first, let us sit by the sea. I feel like there's much for us to talk about."
Alchemy: "I must talk with my sister, but feel free to visit me in the Manor of Masques. I'd love to have a chat, anytime."

Rinyde then sits down with her on the beach and cannot be talked to anymore. If you re-enter the area later, she is not found there anymore.

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