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Daedric Titan
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Location See Below
Species Daedric Titan
Health 108669
147865 (Cyrodiil, bridges to the Imperial City)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
A daedric titan

Daedric Titans, sometimes referred to simply as Titans, are giant, winged, crude imitations of dragons created by Molag Bal. Though he created them to serve him, soon after their appearance other Daedric Princes came into possession of their own, and Mehrunes Dagon even created a stronger variant—the Ash Titan. They are often deployed as the higher-echelons of Molag Bal's armies. One titan, Ozzozachar, even carries the title "Son of Molag Bal".

Unlike the dragons they were copied from, the titans have four fully-functioning limbs in addition to their wings. However, they cannot use the Thu'um, instead they have a crude imitation consisting solely of a flaming essence-drain spell.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fire Blast
Generates a path of flame directly in front of where it was cast. This ability deals moderate flame damage.
Scourge Bolt
A ranged, single-target ability wherein the Daedric Titan spits a fireball at a target.
Soul Flame
The AoE left in front of the Titan by Fire Blast.
Swallowing Souls
Wing Gust
The Daedric Titan gets down on the ground and raises its wings, then unleashes a powerful gust, dealing physical damage and staggering its target.


Unique Daedric TitansEdit


Quests Involving Daedric TitansEdit

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