This article is about the Passive Skill. For the Dunmer slave taker, see Bounty Hunter (NPC). For the NPC Class, see Bounty Hunter (NPC class).

ON-icon-skill-Fighters Guild-Bounty Hunter.png Bounty Hunter
Line Fighters Guild
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 9
Bounty Hunter: Allows you to accept bounty quests from the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil.

Bounty Hunter lets you take Fighters Guild bounty quests in Cyrodiil. There are three quest givers, one for each of the different Alliances. Ikran can be found in the Highlands Glory Inn at the Northern High Rock Gate, Sebazi can be found at the Victory Tavern at the Western Elsweyr Gate, and Arkas can be found at the Warrior's Rest at the Southern Morrowind Gate.