Home Settlement Western Elsweyr Gate
Location Victory Tavern
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Sebazi is a Khajiit member of the Fighters Guild tasked with giving contracts at the Western Elsweyr Gate.

Related QuestsEdit


Speaking to her without the proper passive:

"Sebazi greets you, walker. Return when you have risen higher in the Fighters Guild."

Speaking to her first thing, before any mention of a quest:

"Greetings, comrade. The Fighters Guild has entrusted Sebazi with contracts, if this is of interest."

Bounty: Black DaggersEdit

I'm ready for a contract.
"With the collapse of the Empire, lawlessness rules Cyrodiil. Chief among the culprits are bandits called the Black Daggers. Sebazi holds contracts to thin their ranks. Are you interested?"
"What more is there to discuss, comrade? Kill all the Black Daggers you find!"

Speaking with her after the quest is accepted:

"Have you satisfied your contract? There are fewer Black Dragons to plague us?"

Quest turn in:

"Province General Auctor will be please. Sebazi is pleased as well. Your [sic] have earned your pay."

Bounty: GoblinsEdit

What's available?
"Goblins are on the menu, comrade. Vicous, numerous, and crawling out of holes all over Cyrodiil. The guild has agreed to help the people of Cyrodiil fight them. Will you accept this contract from Serbazi?"
"Goblins have no place in a decent world. They are not even good to eat."

Speaking with her after the quest is accepted:

"How goes the Goblin killing, comrade? Sebazi hopes to hear good news?"

Quest turn in:

I've fulfilled the contract.
"That is indeed good news. Thank you for your efforts."

Bounty: Gray VipersEdit

I'm interested.
"The Fighters Guild cannot solve all of Cyrodiil's wores, but some evil we can mend. The Gray Vipers prey on helpless towns across the region. Sebazi has contracts to kill these bandits, if you will help."
Consider it done.
"The Empire collapses and the Gray Vipers flourish. The first is beyond our ability to fix, but we can do much about the second."

Speaking with her after the quest is accepted:

"Sebazi hopes to hear you've killed your quota of Gray Vipers."

Quest turn in:

Yes, I have.
"The guild thanks you, comrade. Here is the reward for your efforts."

Bounty: Shadowed PathEdit

What do you have?
"When darkness spreads, the rodents come out to feast. One pack that plagues Cyrodiil is the Shadowed Path. The Fighters Guild, through Sebazi, offers contracts on these cultists."
I accept.
"Cultists are gristle between the teeth of Cyrodiil. Claws must be used to remove them."

Speaking with her after the quest is accepted:

"Shadowed Path cultists should burn in Oblivion. Have you fulfilled this contract?"

Quest turn in:

"You have turned back a little of Cyrodiil's darkness, comrade. Sebazi honors you."