Online:Bounty Hunter (NPC class)

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A Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are a class of hostile, humanoid NPCs who attack using both melee and poison abilities. They are usually equipped with dual daggers or swords.

Types of Bounty HuntersEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Various Blackguard Raider Varies Varies 31364
Various Skaafin Tracker Skaafin Varies 39959
Hakoshae Tombs Ancestral Raider Akaviri Varies 31364
Rimmen Necropolis Skeletal Raider Skeleton (Khajiit) No Gender 31364

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick StrikeEdit

A basic melee attack that causes minor physical damage.

Low SlashEdit

The enemy slashes the player's shins, dealing moderate physical damage and snaring the player. Blocking will reduce the damage taken and prevent the snare.

Teleport StrikeEdit

The enemy teleports and stabs the player. This attack does moderate physical damage and stuns the player briefly.

Basilisk PowderEdit

The enemy throws poison in a conal AoE in front of itself. Players hit by the powder will take minor poison damage and become silenced for 5 seconds. Silence prevents players from using any skill that uses Magicka if they were hit by the powder.

Roll DodgeEdit

The enemy can perform a roll dodge to avoid incoming damage.