Home Settlement Southern Morrowind Gate
Location Warrior's Rest Tavern
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 54372
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Arkas is a Nord member of the Fighters Guild who can be found in the Warrior's Rest Tavern at the Southern Morrowind Gate in Cyrodiil. He will offer you guild contracts once you unlock the Bounty Hunter skill.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

If you speak to him before you have unlocked the Bounty Hunter skill:

"Greetings, comrade. You must rise higher in the Fighters Guild to hear of the contracts I offer."

He begins all bounties by saying:

"The Fighters Guild is helping out here in Cyrodiil, trying to reign in the chaos. Interested in a contract?"

Bounty: Black DaggersEdit

Yes, I am.
"I have a contract against the Black Daggers. They're bandits, scum who live only to make others miserable. The guild wants them cleaned out wherever we find them. You willing to go after them?"

When spoken to after accepting the quest:

"I wish I could hunt down Black Daggers with you and the other guild members. But I'm stuck here, handing out contracts. Go kill a few for me."

When you have completed the bounty, he says:

"Well? Here to tell me of piles of Black Dagger corpses left in your wake?"
Not really. But I fulfilled the contract.
"Well, that's something at least. I like hearing about piles of corpses, but you earned your reward."

Bounty: GoblinsEdit

I might be.
"Cautious. Good, I like that. You'll go far in the guild, my friend. The contract is against Goblins. Not that anyone ever needs a reason to kill Goblins, but they've become a huge problem in Cyrodiil. Want to hunt them for us?"

When you have completed the bounty, he says:

"How did things go against the Goblins? I don't see any ears on your belt, but maybe you don't collect souvenirs."
No, but I did fulfill the contract.
"Good, though some ears would have been nice. Anyway, the guild appreciates your efforts. Keep up the good work, comrade!"

Bounty: Gray VipersEdit

What's available?
"Our glorious Province General, Flaminius Auctor, has decided the Gray Viper gang needs a beating. They've been preying on defenseless towns and the guild wants to stand up for these people. You interested in this?"

Speaking to him again:

"Personally, I like to crush bandits' skulls with a warhammer. However you do it, kill as many of them as you can."

When you have completed the bounty, he says:

"Back again, eh? Now, which contract did I give you?"
Gray Vipers. I've met my quota of them.
"I remember now. Good. That'll keep Province General Auctor happy for a while. Maybe I'll go bash in a few heads myself. We'll see."

Bounty: Shadowed PathEdit

What do you have?
"I think you'll like this one. We're offering a contract to take out members of the Shadowed Path cult. I bet you hate cultists as much as I do. Want to go cut some down?"
Yes, I do.

When you have completed the bounty, he says:

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