ON-icon-skill-Thieves Guild-Timely Escape.png Timely Escape
Line Thieves Guild
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 7
A Footpad
Timely Escape: When you have Bounty and are in combat, you have a chance to spot a "Footpad" in a town with a Refuge. Interacting with the Footpad will transport the player safely into the nearest Refuge.

Timely Escape gives you a chance of encountering a Footpad while on the run from the law in a major city. Talking to them will give you free transport to the nearest Outlaws Refuge.


  • The first time you use this ability, you will earn the following achievement:
Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-And Then They Were Gone.png And Then They Were Gone 5 Evade justice with the help of the "Timely Escape" Thieves Guild skill, as well as a friendly footpad.