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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Skaven marked on a map of Hammerfell

Sunforge is a tropical region of Tamriel,[1] supposedly located in central Hammerfell[UOL 1] bordering Bangkorai to the northwest and Craglorn to the north-east along the Dragontail Mountains and containing the cities of Ska'vyn, Verkarth, and Cliff Keep. The Irk and Tark Rivers are found to the south.[2] Buildings here may have a layer of patina on top.[3]

In the countryside outside of Skaven is one of the Halls of the Virtues of War, where there are still people who follow the old ways and are believed by some to be able to form a Shehai sword.[4] The Ket Keptu were native to central Hammerfell,[5] and were believed to have had cultural interchange with the Reachmen.[6] The roving Redguards of the region bred the local Painted Wolves into sure-footed mounts to cross the terrain.[7][8] The Firedancers of central Hammerfell wear scandalously little clothing by local standards, which may be why they protect their modesty—and identities—by hiding their faces behind Flamebrow Fire Veils.[9] As a Breton holiday, Saturalia is not celebrated in central Hammerfell.[UOL 2]


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