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Camels are ornery mammals found in the deserts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr.[1][2] They often serve as mounts and beasts of burden.[2][3] Camel hide can be used to make heavy leather that helps insulate the wearer against the desert heat.[4]


Baandari Pedlar CamelEdit

A camel native to Anequina used by Baandari Pedlars, dressed in a cultural saddle. They can travel great distances.

Black Camel of Ill OmenEdit

Black Camel of Ill Omen

A heavy and majestic camel, most riders consider black camels to be creatures of bad luck and misfortune. They are used by thieves during getaways from robberies.[5]

Floral Tattoo Shorn CamelEdit

Shorn Camels tattooed with floral designs are well loved and popular in the Alik'r Desert, where blooming flowers are rare and prized.

Frostbane CamelEdit

Frostbane Camel

Frostbane Camels are a strange breed of camel found in Skyrim. It has a shaggy white coat, adorned with symbolic hair-knots and hide strips meant to protect it from the frigid climate. The practice of adorning mounts with these dangling "Frostbane talismans" is an Atmoran tradition dating back to Ysgramor's arrival in Skyrim. The ancient Nords worshipped totem animals as gods, and Frostbane talismans continue to be used into modern times.

Hammerfell CamelEdit

Hammerfell Camel

The most common breed of camel, they are stoic, hard-working beasts that riders in the wastes of Hammerfell count on to survive. Being rather tall and tough, they are bold in fights, and are so ornery that they often spit.[5] They are believed to be descended from Yokudan Camels.

Hollowjack Rider CamelEdit

Gray camels riden in the wastes of the Alik'r. When the sun sets on a moonless Witches Festival night, riders may find themselves headless, galloping across the darkling dunes on shadowy camels and clutching glimmering Hollowjacks.

Psijic Camel ExemplarEdit

An idealized camel conjured by Psijic monks, based off Yokudan camels.

Tattooed Shorn CamelEdit

Tattooed Shorn Camel

Shorn camels are shaved by the dervishes of Rihad, who tattoo them with mystic symbols sacred to the spirits of the deep desert, to placate those wayward spirits in hopes they'll refrain from leading the camels astray among the dunes.

Verdant Tattoo Shorn CamelEdit

Shorn Camels are desert mounts with elaborate Tattoos on their hide where once there were wiry bristles. The "Verdant" has repeating floral designs and is sometimes considered the most beautiful of them all.

Yokudan CamelEdit

Yokudan Camels were native to the continent of Yokuda, and were brought to Hammerfell by the Ra Gada during their migration.

Zeht's Cloud CamelEdit

Zeht's Cloud Camel

The white camel is said to be sacred to Zeht, the Redguard god of food and farming. The devout folk of Hammerfell bow when a Cloud Camel rides past.



  • Undead skeletal camels are among the rarest of reanimated animals, attributed to the Redguard hatred of necromancy.
  • Some Dwarven vamidiums were constructed in the shape of a camels, largely used by the Rourken Clan.
  • Conjurers are able to compel Atronachs to adopt the form of camels. Corvus Direnni astounded High King Ar-Azal by summoning the first storm atronach camel, and Peregrine Direnni summoned the first fire atronach camel in her Master Conjurer test.
  • The Hist have shaped the native lizards of Black Marsh to create Camel-Lizards for use as steeds by the Argonians.

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