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Dogs are domestic animals found across Tamriel. They are often held as pets, guarding and protecting their owners property. Bandits will often train their dogs to protect camps and attack intruders. Dog meat is edible.[1] Dogs attack primarily by biting, and can carry Witbane.[2]

Domesticated dogs are related to wolves, and the two can be bred to produce wolfdogs.[3]

Dog BreedsEdit

There are several known breeds of dog.

Alik'r Dune-HoundEdit

Alik'r Dune-Hounds are a lean, short-haired breed commonly owned by Redguard hunters from the Alik'r.[4]

Anthorbred Avalanche DogEdit

Large, loyal dogs with very thick coats that help them brave the cold mountains of Skyrim. They are trained to help mortals navigate through the most treacherous of avalanches in the Pale Pass, and are capable of pulling fallen climbers out from under large piles of fallen snow and detritus.[5]


The Bear-Dog is a fierce, thick-furred breed used to hunt bears in western Skyrim. They track, harry and corner the bear until the hunters arrive with spears.[6] Black Mask Bear-Dogs were popular with the Markarth Watch (and the outlaws who hoped to evade them) during the Interregnum.[7] Copperback Bear-Dogs are a mischievous breed known for its responsiveness to training. Copperback Bear-Dogs are heterochromic.[8] Karth Winter Hounds are Bear-Dogs whose coats are white year-round for hunting in Skyrim's snowy peaks. Some Reach clans only allow them to be owned by chieftains.[9]

Bravil RetrieverEdit

A long-haired, water-loving breed commonly used for hunting.[10]

Breton TerrierEdit

Small, short-haired terriers originally bred to find and kill rats on the docks of the Iliac Bay. Their joyful demeanor and wriggly behavior made them popular candidates for pets during the Interregnum.[11]

Death HoundEdit

Death Hounds are monstrous, undead canines who can often be found in the company of vampires.[12] They have a bite as cold as the grave, which freezes its prey's flesh.[12] Their meat is edible, and they often wear valuable collars.[13] Death hounds are voracious, indiscriminate predators that raze ecosystems where they are present.[12] They eviscerate and consume prey, not for survival, but due to their temperament.[12] Death hounds will leave nothing left alive if their populations are left unchecked.[12] Despite how harmful they can be to the environment, their presence can be vital to the ecology of the area they inhabit.[12]

Druadach Mountain DogEdit

The Druadach Mountain Dog is a long-haired breed that was bred to withstand winter in the Druadach Mountains. They are tender and loving to their clan and family, and defend them ferociously. The Druadach Mountain Dog is a favorite of the Timberclaw Reach clan.[14]

Great Daenian HoundEdit

This large breed of hound is located in the eponymous forest-region of Daenia, in the province of High Rock. They are known for their size and strength but are generally peaceful creatures, but are very protective of their owners. The Beldama Wyrd breed these hounds as their companions and protectors.[15] They are also used by the Order of the Silver Dawn, the knightly order of lycanthrope hunters, who use these hounds for their keen noses to track down lycanthrope lairs across Tamriel.[16]

Hell HoundEdit

These canines are actually from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They attack with their powerful jaws, or with a fire breath that burns their intended victims.


Huskies are a strong breed of dog known to be trained for fighting; special armor is forged for them, giving them an edge in combat. They are often bred to accompany members of the Dawnguard and the Vigil of Stendarr.


Mastiffs are dogs with droopy jowls that make loyal companions and excellent guard dogs. During the Three Banners War, mastiffs were bred by the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact. They wore armor specially forged for them, and often served as aides to the military police.[17] The black mastiffs of Morthal are popular with mages and alchemists during the Interregnum. while tan mastiffs were popular with scouts, hunters, and trackers.[18][19] During this same time period, Morthal's gray mastiffs were popular with rogues, thieves, and, oddly, priests. Morthal's titular mastiffs are considered to be fearless and tireless.[20] White mastiffs are commonly used by the Imperial Legion in battle. The white mastiff is the mascot of the Second Legion, which is headquartered near Bruma in peacetime.[21] Mastiffs can be outfitted in a variety of fashionable and practical gear.[22]

Merle Paddock HoundEdit

Merle Paddock Hounds are excellent herding dogs. They make fierce guardians, and can be used by farmers to effectively guard horses and other creatures. They have a reputation for being loving and kind.[23]

Senchal Harbor-MuttEdit

Senchal Harbor-Mutts are an indistinct breed of heterochromic dogs with a sharp sense of smell. They're known to be very trusting, and will become loyal to anyone who feeds them and treats them with kindness.[24] They are energetic and playful.[25]

Shornhelm ShepherdEdit

A black, long-furred dog bred to herd sheep in the rugged terrain of Rivenspire. [26]

Skinned HoundEdit

Swift, agile zombified canines, stripped of flesh and fur. They are found in the Shivering Isles, and come in two varieties: the normal Skinned Hound, and the larger Greater Skinned Hound. They are immune to poison, and their teeth can be used as a potion ingredient (one effect of which is, fittingly, to cure poison.)[27] [28]

Spectral WarhoundEdit

Spectral Warhounds are aggressive, ghostly dogs found deep in the ruins of Labyrinthian.

Waxing TerrierEdit

The Waxing Terrier is a breed conceived in the Second Era by acclaimed Altmer dog breeder, Kinlady Ilunsare. It took sixteen generations of careful selective breeding to distinguish the Waxing Terrier from its "parent" breed, the common Glenumbran Terrier.[29]


Wolfdogs are a crossbreed produced by mating a dog with a wolf. They closely resemble wolves, but exhibit doglike behavior and are less resistant to frost. Like dogs, they can also carry Witbane.[3]


Wolfhounds are a shaggy breed used as hunting companions by the Nords of Skyrim. Whiterun Wolfhounds have gray fur, are reportedly brave enough to face sabre cats for their masters.[30] Windhelm Wolfhounds have tawny coats and are said to be descended from royal hunting dogs.[31] Winterhold Wolfhound have lighter and fluffier coats, as they live at high elevations where the snow never melts. They are used to hunt wolves, and their howls resemble that of their canine quarry.[32]

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