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Orcish is the language of the Orcs, and a descendant of the language known as Old Orcish. While it is unknown precisely when the transition from Old Orcish to modern Orcish took place, it could not have evolved any later than 3E 417, by the time of which it was well established by the Orcs of High Rock and Hammerfell.[1] However, seeing that there is evidence for the Old Orcish language having been largely forgotten by 2E 582,[2] it's impossible to know for certain when this transition did in fact occur.

Language Family and Genetic RelationshipEdit

Orcish is likely a direct descendant of Old Orcish.

Spread of LanguageEdit

Due to its lesser age when compared to Old Orcish, modern Orcish has had a wider spread in society. During the years around 3E 417, Orcish linguistic training was provided by various Trainers in the Fighters Guild and Patricians in the Mages Guild, as well as being a required skill in the former, in the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell.[1]

Known WordsEdit

"Death Stones"[3]
Vosh Rakh
"Blade of Courage"[5]


  • There is apparently no word in Orcish for "delicacy",[6] nor "fragile" or "handle with care".[7]