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Because of their tight-knit tribal communities, the Orsimer cook many communal meals where a large central dish is shared among many individuals. [1]:127 While some live in Orsinium, most live in strongholds scattered across the continent. Each stronghold needs to be self-sufficient, so their diet is predominantly practical fare that can be foraged, hunted, or easily grown, then stored. Stronghold Orcs don't have much room for ornamentation, but they make use of a wide variety of spices and seasonings, which they acquire through trade. The fires of their forges are often used to roast skewers of meat.[1]:12


Name Description Image
Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale Ale brewed with barley, yeast, rice, and honey. [2]
Bog-Iron Ale A yeasty ale enjoyed by orcs at celebrations.[3] It is also made into a jam.[4]
Cup of Wraith A drink comprised of crushed wraithberries and ice stream water.[5]
Grog An orcish alcohol made from yeast and bittergreen, clarified with isinglass.[6]
Howlwater A popular Orcish spirit. The recipe for it is a trade secret, but Mammoth dung gives the beverage its distinctive smell.[7]
Orzorga's Red Frothgar A drink in the old Orcish style, also referred to as ice-cold dredged berry mash. It contains clear water, comberry, honey and mint[8] as well as wrathberries and a skin of ice stream water. [5]
Pink Zinfandel A light red wine made from grapes and flavored with rose petals and guarana.[9]


Name Description Image
Crow Triffle A triffle containing crow meat common among Orcs of Wrothgar. It bears resemblance to the Reachfolk meal Blackbird Pie[10]
Orzorga's Blood Price Pie A pie containing stewed blood and minced heart as well as red Meat, potatoes, violet Coprinus and guts. It is traditionally served cold.[11]
Spudmelon Pie A flour crusted pie with a filling made from melons and potatoes.[12]
Ventricle Pie A pie containing echatere moss and Ogre innards. Ogre innards were a common ingredient in ancient Orcish dishes.[13]

Fruits and VegetablesEdit

Name Description Image
No-Rhubarb Salad A salad containing apples, radishes, and garlic.[14]

Meat and Animal ProductsEdit

Name Description Image
Bear's Head Stew A stew made inside of a bear's head using glacier tomatoes, tundra truffles or snow truffles. Made with bears that eat fish exclusively, as their meat and marrow taste better.[15]
Bitter Goat Cheese This cheese is an Orc feast staple.[16]
Brain Pocket A Shatul Clan recipe. Pockets of dough filled with Harpy brains and bile mixed in with sedge grass. Harpy bile is also a natural preservative.[17]
Bratwurst On Bun A cooked sausage on a bun.[18]
Echatere Echatere meat, is one of the main sources of food for the Orcs of Wrothgar.[19]
Echatere Cheese Cheese made from echatere milk. It functions as an aphrodisiac.[20]
Honeyed Wolf Pie A meat pie made from honeyed wolf meat.[16]
Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch A smoked bear haunch. It also contains tomatoes, White Cap, Frost Mirriam and perfect fish roe.[21]
Orzorga's Tripe Trifle Pocket A breaded pocket of minced gut sweetened with beet sugar. It also contains columbine. [22]
Stewed Mammoth Stomach The stewed stomach's of wrothgar's mammoths.[23]
Stonetooth Bash Chicken A recipe from the Orcs of Betnikh. It is popular during the New Life Festival.[24]
Troll Fat Jerky Troll fat that has been dried can be eaten as jerky.[23]
Venison A staple in Orc strongholds, as deer are a plentiful resource.[1]

Soups and StewsEdit

Name Description Image
Beef Radish Stew A stew made from beef and radishes, seasoned to taste.[25]



Dishes and CookwareEdit