Location West of Sorrow
Race Orc Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Yatzog is an Orc hunter who can be found west of Sorrow.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

When not on the quest, she tells you to be quieter.

"You really need to work on your stealth. All that noise is going to scare away the game I'm tracking."

During the quest:

"You make more noise than a mountain bear in heat! I heard you coming from an arrow's flight away and I smelled you from two!
Is there something I can do for you?"
Hunt–wife Yatzog? I wanted to ask you about the perfume you wear.
"Perfume? Orcs don't wear perfume! Only Bretons and fancy Elves enjoy that flowery stink!
Why in the world would you think I wear perfume?"
Ambassador Rigurt mentioned how good he thought you smelled…
"Rigurt? The Nord ambassador? He seemed friendly enough. We met while I was visiting with my clan chief.
What's this really all about? Tell me and maybe I can help."
Rigurt needs an Orcish perfume to help him impress an Orc woman…
"That sly dog! I knew he liked Lazdutha!
But the only perfume an Orc woman loves is the smell of battle and the scent of our enemy's blood. An Orc chief often fights a powerful foe before wooing a wife. My chief reeked when he asked for my hand!"
A powerful foe? Any suggestions?
"As a matter of fact, I've been tracking the great bear Norgim for days. It's smart and strong—definitely worthy of Lazdutha.
Norgim hunts in the nearby streams. Get some of that stink on Rigurt and Lazdutha will melt with desire. I guarantee it!"
All right, I'll look for Norgim the great bear.
"Remember, the more that Rigurt smells of battle and blood, the more attracted Lazdutha will be.
Just be careful. That bear is a monster! That's why we call him the Orc word for death—Norgim."