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General Godrun of Clan Murtag
Hearth-Wife Bazaral of Clan Murtag

The Murtag Clan is a prominent Orcish clan from the Wrothgarian Mountains. They are one of the oldest clans in the region and have attained the sobriquet, the Rock Clan as they make their home deep within the mountains and create cave dwellings.[1] The clan is based in Murtag Stronghold, which is located somewhere near the Jehanna road in Wrothgar.[2]



The Murtag are one of the oldest living clans in Wrothgar and one of six to rise to prominence back in the original Orsinium's day. At the height of their power, the Murtag had a remarkable influence on Orcish culture but after the Siege of Orsinium in 1E 980, they were nearly destroyed with the city but persisted nonetheless.[1][3]

In 2E 566, the Daggerfall Covenant faced a civil war with their northern countrymen in the Kingdom of Rivenspire and High King Emeric sought assistance from Chieftain Kurog gro-Bagrakh.[4] He answered his call to arms and many Orcish warriors descended from the mountains to assist him.[5] Godrun of the Murtag Clan was chief among them and fought with Emeric side by side to drive out Reachmen in Stormhaven.[3] For his help in the war, Kurog was named the King of Wrothgar and decided to make his new city, Orsinium the capital of this kingdom.[4][5] This new Orcish dominion joined forces with the Daggerfall Covenant and as recognition for his help, Chief Godrun assumed the mantle of General in the alliance.[3]

In the time since then, the clan has made a significant impact during the second Orsinium's construction[1] and some of its members assumed essential positions in the alliance. But some sources suggest that Clan Murtag was one of several that did not ally with Kurog after he acquired his new title. While the war raged to the west, Grand Forge-Mother Alga started a contest to determine the King's third wife, the hearth-wife. Barazal of the Murtag Clan won this competition for her great physical strength and aptitude with spices.[6] Sometime later, Loghorz gro-Murtag served as one of the king's guardsman and blacksmith.[2]

Sometime in the mid-Second Era, the Imperial scholar, Flaccus Terentius was granted passage through Wrothgar and traveled to Murtag Stronghold to document Orcish life and customs for the Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel. He was escorted there by Loghorz gro-Murtag from Evermore and dined with the clan during a grand feast. During his stay, he illustrated the Chieftain's Hall and the stronghold's old forge among other things, and later left for the Reach in the east.[2]

In 2E 582, the Ironhand ogres, who terrorized Orsinium's construction traveled from the mountains through Shinji's Scarp and invaded Gavaudon. General Godrun led the Murtag Clan in the fight against the ogres and Emeric sent an Agent of the Covenant to help him avert the threat. Both the clan and the warrior were able to kill the Ironhands' leader, Skull-Crusher, and blocked their path from the Wrothgarian Mountains.[7][8] Some of Godrun's closest confidants claimed that the general was acting strange and the Abbot of Pariah Abbey, Durak confirmed he was possessed by the Omen of Betrayal, a malevolent daedra in service to Vaermina, who put him in a deep sleep. The Omen was tempering with Godrun's mind, convincing him to betray Emeric but was eventually expelled from his mind by the Covenant agent.[9]


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