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City-Orcs,[1] also referred to as city Orcs,[2][3] are Orcs that have been assimilated into other cultures. Orcs who do not live in strongholds are derisively called "city Orcs" by those that do, and are considered soft outsiders just like non-Orcs.[4][5]

Many Orcs seek to escape traditional life in the strongholds. Orc women may want to escape being "just another wife" to the chieftain.[6][7][8] Many leave to join the Imperial Legion,[9][10] see the world, or otherwise seek their fortune;[7] some eventually return to the strongholds,[11] but many do not.[12][13] Some City-Orcs view the ways of clan Orcs as too intense. Such individuals may have become too used to the finer things in life, and tend not to hold their customs and traditions in high regard.[6]

City-Orcs typically assimilate to the traditions of the places they decide to settle in. For instance, the Orcs of Daggerfall tend to follow the traditions and customs of their Breton neighbors.[1] Many former Orcish members of the Imperial Legion retire to the provinces as veterans, where their rights as citizens are protected by Imperial law. Nevertheless, some local populations still consider them to be uncivilized barbarians.[9] Some City-Orcs, such as the Bloodfall Queen Urzoga gra-Batul or the Lords and Ladies of the Shurgak Clan, have achieved the status of nobility within Cyrodiil.[14][15]

The inhabitants of Orsinium are specifically known as Orsinium Orcs.[16][17] The term "city Orc" was also sometimes used by stronghold Orcs to refer to Orcish citizens of Orsinium, even if those Orcs did not assimilate with other races and still adhered to Orcish customs and traditions.[18]