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The Tumnosh Clan were one of the founding Orc clans of Old Orsinium in the First Era.[1] Malacath described them as "the great builders" of Old Orsinium.[2]

In 2E 582, the clan owned Graystone Quarry which was above the Dwemer ruins of Mzindyne, the quarry was used greatly for the building of King Kurog's Orsinium. Chief Ramash was the clan's leader and was summoned by Kurog for the Great Moot, however Ramash had been attacked by the Dwemer constructs in the quarry and refused until the situation was resolved. The Vestige and Neramo entered Mzindyne and successfully stopped the constructs, Neramo managed to control them for the Tumnosh Clan to use for the quarry.[3]


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