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Frostbreak Fortress

The Marag Clan were one of the Orc clans of the Wrothgar. They were among the clans who inhabited Frostbreak Fortress.[1]


Little is known of the clan's history, or its origins. At some point between approximately 2E 430 and 2E 582,[nb 1] the ruins of Frostbreak Fortress saw periodic occupancy by various Orc clans, each eventually forced to leave due to confrontations with vengeful spirits. Among these clans was the Marag Clan, led by Chief Ghastzog, who held steadfast against the relentless ghosts. Chief Ghastzog had a particular affinity for an ancient Breton goblet known as the Frostbreak Chalice, convinced that each sip from magically rejuvenated him. This belief led to the establishment of a tradition as subsequent chiefs, too, partook in this practice, hoping to gain the cup's purported restorative abilities.[2][3][4] As of 2E 582, Frostbreak Fortress was inhabited by the Reachfolk of the Winterborn Clan, and further fate of the Marag Clan is unknown.[5][1]

Known ChieftainsEdit

  • Chief Ghastzog

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  • 1.  Previous inhabitants of the fortress abandoned it after the collapse of the Second Empire in 2E 430.[1][6] Various clans lived in the fortress before the Marag.[2] As of 2E 582 the fortress was already inhabited by the Reachfolk.[1]