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Bazrag, Vosh Ball champion

Vosh Ball, also known as "Courage" Ball,[1] is unique and traditional sport played by the Orcs. It started out as a recreational activity during the early days of the first Orcish clans. The sport mainly deals with testing the bravery of Orcish Warriors. During those days, they would use a heavy sphere made out of wood or metal the size of an Orc's head. A novice warrior who was being tested stood on the far end of a paced off court. The novice then had to stare down veteran warriors, each armed with a vosh ball. As part of the test, each of the warriors would toss the ball, and if the novice was still standing, they proved their courage, and were promoted higher in the warrior ranks of their clan.[2]

As time went on, this became an organized sport, rules and regulations were added in, the heavy metal and wooden balls were replaced by leather balls. Vosh Ball is rarely played outside of the Orcish strongholds,[1] but is very popular among Orcs.[3] Signing the Vosh balls was common practice of the champions of this sport.[4]

The rules of this sport were described by Orcish lorekeepers. Texts regarding it were kept in the archives of Temple of Ire alongside texts describing other practices such as 'Cut-It-Til-It-Screams'.[5]

Setup and RulesEdit

While the rules vary, one thing about the sport remains consistent. Two teams of six Orcs, all armed with a sling of three vosh balls, compete to control an enclosed court. The two teams throw the balls to try and render the other team unconscious with all of their might put into it.[2]