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The Manshrieker was the holy Orc weapon of war. According to the religious factions of the Iliac Bay it was a cursed, evil, magical weapon. It could infect its wielders with the Stomach Rot.[1]


An Orc who sought to obtain the Manshrieker

In 3E 405 one of the temples in the region of the Iliac Bay came into possession of the Manshrieker. This attracted the attention of the Orcs who sought to find this item. They have been attacking the caravans affiliated with the temple in order to put their hands on the Manshrieker.[1]

To prevent Orcs from obtaining the weapon, the temple requested the Agent to deliver the weapon to one of their clerics, who served their temple for many years and resided in a place with numerous defenses in order to safeguard the item and keep it out of the reach of the Orcs. They safeguarded the weapon with the temporary protective spells and believed that the Agent could provide the protection from the Orc forces trying to obtain the Manshrieker during their travel.[1]

The fate of Manshrieker is unknown. According to some accounts the Agent managed to safeguard the artfact and delivered the weapon to the cleric. According to other accounts they failed to deliver the weapon in time and was infected with the Stomach Rot when the protective spells faded. Then Manshrieker sparked and disintegrated and eventually found its way into the hands of the Orcs. Other accounts claim that the Agent refused to aid the temple in the first place.[1]

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