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One does not become Agra Crun. One is or is not. I was raised by the faith, trained since birth to complete the tasks Malacath wishes of me.
Azrath, member of the Agra Crun, ca. 2E 582

The Agra Crun (which translates to Blood Shield in the common tongue) are a religious order of Orcs responsible for guarding the Sacred Words of Malacath. The name is based on an old Agra Crun legend of Bagrar the Troll-Slayer and her shield, Agra Crun.[1] Members are recruited at a very young age and trained to serve the will of Malacath, and it is from Malacath that they receive their orders. The group operates in secret, but for the few that know of them, they are seen as a beacon of Light.[2] Those of the order are not meant to recover the Sacred Words themselves; an outsider is required to undergo the trails in order to recover the Sacred Words. Throughout the ages, the Order has had to move the Sacred Words and protect them from anyone who attempts to destroy the words.[2]

Sacred WordsEdit

The Sacred Words are traditionally held in a place where Malacath's power is strongest. One of those places of power would be the Shrine of Malacath located beneath Fharun Stronghold, which was known to the Agra Crun as the hidden sanctuary. To access this hidden place, those seeking to enter this sanctuary had to test their worth. First of all, they must gain access to the blood of the Agra Crun membership.[3] Then they had to open the passageway hidden in Fharun Keep. After that, they had to pass through three sets of magical rooms, with a candle showing the way to the next room. If they had gone through the wrong door, however, they would start again at the beginning.[2][4]

Afterwards, those seeking to access the sanctuary must take a leap of faith down into a dark well leading to the hidden shrine. To pass the final trial, they must slay the keeper of the scroll in order for the Sacred Word to be revealed, as Malacath requires a willing sacrifice.[2][4] In 2E 582, the Vestige would undergo the trails to recover the Sacred Words before the Vosh Rakh had a chance to destroy them, and the Sacred Words would be moved to Orsinium.[4]

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