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Jallenheim is a village in the province of Skyrim. In 2E 358, a note pertaining to the Dark Brotherhood was discovered in an abandoned house, once owned by a cobbler, who was believed to be a member of the Morag Tong. By then, the assassin's guild had been outlawed thirty-four years before then.[1] The settlement is mentioned several times in the fictional book series The Adventures of Eslaf Erol. There is apparently a large palace in a park near the town center, owned by a nobleman.[2]

Japhet's FollyEdit

Japhet's Folly is a fort on the inhospitable Rockjoint Island found northeast of Winterhold, off the coast of Skyrim in the Sea of Ghosts. It is known for its rough climate, lack of habitability, and tales of ghosts by the people of nearby Dawnstar. A sailor by the name of Japhet decided to build a large citadel here, only to pass away from the sheer cold and the isolation, hence the name.


Jehanna (also called Jehenna or Jelhana) is one of the nine historical Breton kingdoms in the province of High Rock, situated on the icy shores of the Northern Coast. Nestled in the snow-covered forests of the Western Reach, it is described as being as beautiful as its name.

Jerall MountainsEdit

The Jerall Mountains are a mountain range on the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim. They meet the Velothi and Valus Mountains at the Morrowind border, and the Dragontail Mountains at the Hammerfell border. The Jeralls are rugged, steep, and inhospitable, with only a few traversable passes. Of particular note is the Pale Pass, which was the site of the abrupt end to the First Akaviri Invasion in 1E 2703, after which its location was lost, only being rediscovered in 3E 433.

Jode's LightEdit

Jode's Light (alternatively known as "Ja'zennji Siir" in Ta'agra) is a ruined temple located on the borderlands of Reaper's March, in the province of Elsweyr. Named after the larger moon, Jode, the temple was founded as a sanctum and safe haven for every monk and acolyte, no matter the furstock or background they come from.


Jodewood is the southernmost subregion of the greater Reaper's March region. Jodewood is a border region between the provinces of Valenwood and Elsweyr, mainly lying within the borders of the former. The Crescent River ends here, flowing from the northern reaches of the March. The capital of the area is the city of Rawl'kha, a trading post in between the two provinces. The town of Willowgrove is a minor settlement known for its apiary and its brewery, which is used to make honeymead. The Do'Krin Monastery is an ancient Khajiiti temple dating back to the time of Darloc Brae. The ruins of Thormar are a known gathering place for worshippers of Baan Dar, who have been known to enter the Five Finger Dance from here.

Jonelight PathEdit

The Jonelight Path is a realm used by Khajiit heroes as a shortcut to travel between the areas of Nirn. It is a place between all places and is named for Jone, the Khajiiti name for the smaller of Nirn's two moons. The realm appears to be a collection of floating islands connected by the paths of stars. The realm was described as full of moonlight.

It can be accessed in order to cross vast distances in a short amount of time. It is dangerous without an experienced guide. Prolonged stay in the realm may cause hearts of mortals to burst apart and their souls to be torn apart. Falling through gaps between the stars that act as parts of the bridges between floating isles in the realm is fatal. It is believed that only the swiftest champions of Azurah can survive in the realm for long.

One of the means of accessing the realm is utilizing the power stored in the body of Khunzar-ri. Ribs, femurs and claws are known to hold the power that can open the gateway to the Jonelight Path.

Passage through the Jonelight Path was likened to climbing the 'liminal forces that bind each here to every there'. How far and where one can reach through the Jonelight Path depends on the traveler. The Vestige was incapable of traveling far, but Khunzar-ri could utilize the Jonelight Path to reach any place and only he has heard Azurah's whispers and climbed the forbidden tree. Places where the Jonelight Path connects with the Nirn were described as 'liminal of here touches the liminal of there'.


Jorrvaskr is an ancient mead hall in the Skyrim city of Whiterun. The longhouse was originally constructed from the hull of the Jorrvaskr, one of the longships used by the Five Hundred Companions to cross the Sea of Ghosts from Atmora. The ship's band decided to settle at the site of the ancient Skyforge, and the city of Whiterun subsequently grew around the mead hall.


Jylkurfyk was a coastal city in southern Atmora. It was known for its large shipyard and was active in the Merethic Era.

Jyggalag's RealmEdit

Jyggalag's realm was the realm of Oblivion ruled over by the Daedric Prince Jyggalag. It was said to be a realm of perfect Order. It later became known as the Shivering Isles, the domain of the Mad God Sheogorath.

The realm was home to the Great Library of Jyggalag, a vast collection of knowledge on all things mortal and Daedric alike. The knowledge was the result of a formulae of logical deductions that Jyggalag implemented. Dyus of Mytheria served as the keeper of the Great Library, eventually having his role expanded to the chamberlain of the realm, which involved performing all the mundane tasks that came with running a realm or those that Jyggalag found distasteful. Though Dyus' title suggests he originated from a place called Mytheria, he is unsure whether Mytheria is even a real place or not.