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Lore:Darloc Brae

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Warlord Darloc Brae
ON-npc-Aspect of Darloc Brae.jpg
An aspect of Darloc Brae
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Reign 1E 461-
Previous Ruler Unnamed Moon-Emperor
Resided in Anequina
Appears in ESO
"There is no place Darloc Brae would rather be than with his fallen soldiers" —Aspect of Darloc Brae[1]

Darloc Brae was a Khajiit warlord active during the fifth century of the First Era.[2] He was known as the "Golden Beast of Anequina",[3] also shortened to the "Golden Beast"[4] and the "Beast of Anequina".[2] His conquests spanned across the savannahs and badlands between the Larsius River and the Strid River.[5] Anequina's martial traditions began with Darloc Brae's reign.[4] Despite his worship of the Fire-Cat, Merrunz, he made great efforts to preserve Elsweyr's ancient history.[6][3]


Darloc Brae was born in the early First Era, when Elsweyr was ruled by a single Moon-Emperor.[7] Darloc Brae worshipped the Fire-Cat, Merrunz, the Khajiiti aspect of Mehrunes Dagon.[6][8] In 1E 461, he attended the coronation of Emperor Gorieus of the Alessian Empire.[2] He was a contemporary of several important figures, such as King Dumac Dwarfking and Lord Indoril Nerevar, both of Resdayn, and High King Kjoric the White of the Kingdom of Skyrim.[2]

By 1E 461, Darloc Brae had begun the Anequine Conquests, during which he conquered all of Anequina, parts of Valenwood, and parts of Cyrodiil.[2][7][5][9][10] The stronghold of Khaj Rawlith and the Do'Krin Monastery marked the westernmost points of his domain, located near the Strid River and Crescent River, and Rimmen and the Larsius River marked the eastern border.[5][11][12] Darloc Brae conquered Leyawiin during the conquests, and Leyawiin was under Khajiiti control for more than twenty years as a result.[10]

Darloc Brae's reign is said to have been glorious,[13] but accounts say life under him was brutal and terrible.[4][6] Places such as Desert Wind Adeptorium were built as a refuge for those fleeing the conquests of the Golden Beast.[9] He excavated mines such as Darkpool Mine,[6] and erected temples and strongholds.[5][11] His crowning architectural achievement was the Do'Krin Monastery in the region of Reaper's March.[11]

One of Darloc Brae's most important contributions to the culture of Elsweyr were his efforts to preserve the province's history from the period of the sixteen kingdoms.[3] In 1E 463, cultists of Merrunz burned the Grand Archive of Corinthe, which contained most of the province's records from the Merethic Era.[3] By the Second Era, Khajiiti history from the Merethic era was murky at best, but the great efforts that Darloc Brae made to preserve the remaining records by placing them in vaults and smaller archives across Elsweyr allowed the early history of both Elsweyr and the Khajiit to not be completely lost.[3]

It is unknown when the Golden Beast died, but many of his soldiers were buried in the Rimmen Necropolis.[8] In 2E 582, an aspect of Darloc Brae reanimated his ancient forces in the Rimmen Necropolis and dueled with the Dremora forces of a champion of Mehrunnez (Merrunz).[14][15] Both sides were eventually defeated by wandering travelers.[15]


Despite Darloc Brae's notorious reign over Elsweyr, his endeavors had a great and long-lasting influence on the province. The martial traditions of Anequina are said to have begun with Darloc Brae, as are the Anequine styles of arms and armor.[4] His preservation of the Elsweyrian and Khajiiti records from the Merethic Era allowed historians insight into the period of the sixteen kingdoms, such as the rise and fall of the Hunt-Lord's aristocracy.[3] His angry and feral demeanor was replicated in the beast masks that are used in the Khajiiti Havoc Dance,[16] and his eyes were replicated for those with a fiery spirit and peerless martial skills comparable to those of the Golden Beast of Anequina.[17] He is remembered as a mighty conqueror and some Khajiit hold him in esteem.[7][14] Artifacts dating back to the Anequine Conquests were considered valuable across the Tenmar Forest, between Torval and Senchal.[13]