Lore:Darloc Brae

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Warlord Darloc Brae
ON-npc-Aspect of Darloc Brae.jpg
An aspect of Darloc Brae
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Reign 1E 461-
Previous Ruler Unnamed Moon-Emperor
Resided in Anequina
Appears in ESO

Darloc Brae was a Khajiit warlord active throughout the 4th century of the First Era.[1] In his time, he was known as the "Golden Beast of Anequina" and his conquest spanned across the northern wastelands, between the Larsius River and the Eastern Strid River.[2][3] His reign has been described as brutal and terrible, but regardless, Darloc Brae's reign has been attributed as the inspiration for Anequina's modern-day martial tradition,[4] and had made the effort to preserve Elsweyr's ancient history,[2] despite his worship of the Fire-Cat, Merrunz.[5]


Darloc Brae was born in the early First Era during the reign of an unnamed Moon-Emperor of Elsweyr.[6] He succeeded the emperor in 1E 461, in the same year when he attended the coronation of Emperor Gorieus of the First Empire. He was contemporary with other figures in that time, such as the leaders of Resdayn, Dumac Dwarfking and Indoril Nerevar, and the High Chiefdom of Skyrim, Kjoric the White.[1] His reign had been described as glorious,[7] though most accounts say brutal and terrible, and many people sought refuge from his growing power in the Anequine Conquests. In fact, the Desert Wind Adeptorium was built for this purpose. For an unspecified amount of time, Darloc Brae was a worshipper of Merrunz, the Khajiiti aspect of Mehrunes Dagon. He conquered all of Anequina and surrounding territories in the name of Merrunz. He excavated several mines such as the Darkpool Mine[5] and erected temples and strongholds. His crowning architectural achievement was the Do'Krin Monastery in the region of Reaper's March.[8] The stronghold, Khaj Rawlith marked the westernmost point of his domain, and it is a couple of miles from the Xylo River.[3]

One of Darloc Brae's most well-known attributes to modern-day Elsweyr was the preservation of the province's ancient history when it was the sixteen kingdoms. In his early reign in 1E 463, cultist of Merrunz burned down the Grand Archive in Corinthe, which contained the province's records from the Merethic Era. As far as the Second Era, history regarding this era was seldom at best. However, Darloc Brae went through great lengths to preserve the remaining text and hide it across Elsweyr, placing them in smaller vaults and archives.[2] It is unknown when the Golden Beast had died, but his entire army was buried at the Rimmen Necropolis. In 2E 582, an aspect of Darloc Brae had reanimated his ancient army in the necropolis and dueled with Dremora conjured by a champion of Mehrunnez. They were defeated by wandering travelers.[9][10]


Despite Darloc Brae's notorious reign over Elsweyr, his endeavors changed the province forever. It was his unique style and aesthetic that inspired Anequina's modern-day martial tradition, which is exemplified by their armor.[4] His preservation of Merethic records is what gave current historians insight on the sixteen kingdom period, such as the rise and fall of the Hunt-Lord's aristocracy.[2] His angry and feral demeanor had been replicated into beast masks that are used in the Khajiiti Havoc Dance,[11] and artifacts dating back to the conquests were considered valuable across the Tenmar Forest, between Torval and Senchal.[7]



  • After his many battles, Darloc Brae carried a spittoon for his hairballs during his post-battle grooming rituals. It was later acquired by the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing in 2E 582.[12]


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