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Type Mead Hall
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Whiterun
Appears in Skyrim
Jorrvaskr circa 4E 201

Jorrvaskr is an ancient mead hall in the Skyrim city of Whiterun. The longhouse was originally constructed from the hull of the Jorrvaskr, one of the longships used by the Five Hundred Companions to cross the Sea of Ghosts from Atmora. The ship's band decided to settle at the site of the ancient Skyforge, and the city of Whiterun subsequently grew around the mead hall.[1][2]:155


Following the retaking of Saarthal, the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor parted ways, with the band of each ship setting out to conquer all of Skyrim (then known as Mereth) from the Snow Elves who inhabited it. The first group to set out were the crew of Jorrvaskr, who arrived on the plains of Whiterun Hold. The scout Jonder the Tiny was the first to sight the great bird statue of the Skyforge, but the Nords were wary as the entirety of the Whiterun plains were uninhabited by elves. The band's elven captives looked at the statue with fear and claimed that it predated the elven habitation of Skyrim.[1] The twenty-two members of the Jorrvaskr crew desired to possess the statue due to the elves' fear of it, and so they founded the mead hall of Jorrvaskr, built from the wooden hull of their ship at the foot of the Skyforge.[1]

In time, the city of Whiterun grew around the mead hall, and its founders became the modern mercenary band known as the Companions.[3]

Following Kyrnil Long-Nose's founding of the Circle in the late Second Era,[4] the upper ranks of the Companions became infected with lycanthropy after the Harbinger Terrfyg made a bargain with the witches of the Glenmoril Coven.[5] Circa 4E 201, a gang of werewolf hunters known as the Silver Hand attacked Jorrvaskr, killing the Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane and stealing the Companions' treasured fragments of the legendary battleaxe Wuuthrad.[6] The surviving Companions then exacted their revenge upon the hunters and reclaimed the fragments of Wuuthrad, allowing the smith Eorlund Gray-Mane to reforge the ancient weapon.[7]


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