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The Warlock's Ring is an artifact originally owned by the Arch Mage Syrabane, an Aldmeri god-ancestor. In appearance, it is a ring with a large gemstone, either red or green in color. It is best known for its ability to reflect spells cast at its wearer and to fortify the wearer's speed and health, though it may have additional powers.[1]

In the late First Era, Syrabane judiciously used the ring to save many from the Thrassian Plague.[2] Because of this, he is attributed with helping to save the entire continent of Tamriel. The ring has passed hands many times, helping adventurers to reach their goals. No one may possess the ring for long, as it is said that the ring is Syrabane's alone to command.[1]

The Warlock's Ring was uncovered by the Eternal Champion during the Imperial Simulacrum in either Morrowind or Elsweyr (reports vary).[3] Sometime in the Third Era, a fake copy of the ring appeared in the Iliac Bay before the events of the Warp in the West; it was created by a mage in an attempt to bribe an agent of Nocturnal who had been sent to assassinate him. The fake ring functioned identically to the true artifact, but after several days it crumbled to dust.[4] The ring later came into the possession of Lady Brisienna Magnessen, a Blades operative. Brisienna offered the ring as payment in return for the Totem of Tiber Septim, which would give the Empire control of Numidium.[5] Due to the Warp in the West, it is unknown what became of the ring.

The ring resurfaced several years later in the possession of Vindamea Drethan, a powerful sorceress who lived in a cave on an island off the shore of Vvardenfell, along Azura's Coast. News of this reached the Mages Guild, and in 3E 427 Drethan was killed by the Nerevarine, who then claimed the ring.[6] Later that year, the Nerevarine sold the ring to Torasa Aram, who put it on display in her Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[7]

Sometime after the end of the Great War, circa 4E 180, the Warlock's Ring came into the possession of the Warrior.[8]

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  • Previously in the Myrwatch Creation, a guild of rogue mages from Skyrim was mentioned to have found Warlock's Ring on their journeys in Morrowind. It was brought to their headquarters at Myrwatch and stored there, to be held for use in the coming "great war" foreseen by their augurs.[UOL 1] The guild intended to assemble a great number of legendary artifacts in preparation for this conflict, but failed to obtain any others. It transpired that this great war was in fact the Oblivion Crisis of 3E 433, which the mages were ill-prepared to face.[9] However, the artifact never appeared in-game and the text was later changed in a patch to remove this detail.

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