Chrysamere (Chrysamere)
(lore page)
Type Heavy Slashing Weapon
Quality Legendary Artifact
Requires Level Player Level 23
Damage 112.5 Damage Per Second (?)
Block Rating 101.25 Maximum Condition 410
Selling Price 0001623416,234Gold
Behold Chrysamere, Sword of Heroes, the legendary blade wielded only by those it finds worthy...

Resist Fire +48 Fire resistance.
Magicka Damage Does 147 damage to Magicka.
Absorb Magicka Restores Magicka by damage done, up to 10 points.
Fortify Health Regeneration +2 Health regeneration per second.

Chrysamere is an artifact with a mysterious origin, aside from it being unaligned with the Daedra. This greatsword's reputation is further augmented by the heroes that wield it, hence why it is known as the Sword of Heroes.

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