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Skyrim:The Lost Paladin

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Find and claim the Sword of Heroes.
Location(s): Forelhost
Reward: Chrysamere
ID: ccBGSSSE007_Quest
Added by: Chrysamere
The Lost Paladin, the previous wielder of Chrysamere

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal.

  1. Travel to Forelhost.
  2. Defeat the Lost Paladin and take Chrysamere.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Face the Paladin in battle

Note: This quest was originally added to your journal upon installing the Chrysamere Creation. With the release of the Anniversary Edition, this quest no longer appears in your journal. Nevertheless, the reward can still be obtained by finding the artifact yourself.

This is a non-journal quest that takes place at Forelhost. You will likely need to navigate the entirety of the dungeon in order to reach the quest objective. Alternatively, it is possible to jump up onto the high outcropping to the left of the battlements, and use Whirlwind Sprint to land on the battlements.

When you reach the Forelhost Battlements, you'll find the Lost Paladin in front of the Word Wall wielding Chrysamere. You will be able to take the blade once you kill the ghost. Be advised that you may also have to fight Captain Valmir if you are completing the quest Siege on the Dragon Cult at the same time.

Taking the ShortcutEdit

It isn't necessary to navigate all the way through Forelhost to get to the upper Battlements. In fact, this is not recommended because it can start another side quest entitled Siege on the Dragon Cult which can make the final battle more difficult as noted above. It usually starts by speaking with Captain Valmir, whose campsite can be seen in the courtyard just outside the dungeon's main entrance, but sometimes there are different triggers. If the quest is initiated it may cause the Lost Paladin to fail to appear once on the Battlements, sometimes even if the quest is completed. In order to skip the dungeon entirely, simply begin jumping up the incline next to the Forelhost Battlements before entering the courtyard and you can eventually work your way up to the top, where the ghost will be waiting near the Word Wall.


  • Prior to the Anniversary Edition update, you would receive this quest upon installing the Chrysamere Creation (or upon exiting Helgen on a new character). You would then be directed to Forelhost to face the Lost Paladin.


  • Your journal will repeatedly update with the current quest objective each time you enter a new section of Forelhost.
    • This bug is fixed by the Anniversary Edition update. The quest no longer provides any journal entries or quest markers.
  • The ghost will sometimes not appear at all.
    • This seems to be due to a conflict of some sort with the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest. If you have not done the quest yet, either do not start it, or reload a save where you have not started it. Avoid Captain Valmir and climb up to the battlements. This may require clever use of jumping/horses/Whirlwind Sprint. The ghost should properly spawn in front of the word wall.
  • The Paladin does not have protected status. He may be killed early, and not by you, if a Dragon (especially a higher-level dragon such as Ancient) attacks you outside Forelhost and then switches targets. Presumably you have to hurry to the battlements and loot his ghostly remains before the area resets. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The Lost Paladin (ccBGSSSE007_Quest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
100 I've heard a rumor about the location of the Lost Paladin, the last warrior to wield Chrysamere.
Objective 0: Find the Lost Paladin
Objective 1: Find the Lost Paladin
Objective 2: Find the Lost Paladin
Objective 3: Find the Lost Paladin
Objective 4: Find the Lost Paladin
1000 Finishes quest  I fought the ghost of the Lost Paladin and claimed Chrysamere for myself.
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