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Lore:Ryain Direnni

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Ryain Direnni
Race Altmer Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Resided in High Rock
Isle of Balfiera
Isle of Balfiera

Ryain Direnni was one of the members of the influential Altmeri Clan Direnni.[1] He was a powerful land-owner and commander, who was known for purchasing the Isle of Balfiera for the Clan Direnni and conquering all of High Rock and large parts of Hammerfell and Skyrim.[2]

As a young mer, he was in service to the Imperial court of High Rock and according to certain sources had a history with Rislav Larich.[2]

Glenumbra Moors, the site of the battle, circa 2E 582

In 1E 461, he attended the coronation ceremony of Emperor Gorieus of the Alessian Empire alongside other prominent figures of his time such as Rislav Larich, Darloc Brae, Kjoric the White, Hoag Merkiller, Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking.[2] In the same year, he purchased the Isle of Balfiera. This act strengthened the Clan's claim over the isle,[2][3][4] and enabled them to use it as a base for their war against Skyrim.[3] Ryain and his fellow Direnni emerged victorious and managed to conquer High Rock, some parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell by 1E 477,[5][3][2] going as far east as Markarth and Elinhir.[1]

He and his Breton Legions were the first to sack the Orc hold of Orsinium.[1] The Kings of the Colovian West joined with Kvatch and Skingrad to resist the Alessian Empire. Soon after, Ryain Direnni of High Rock and Skyrim under High King Hoag Merkiller joined the resistance.[3][6] Ryain Direnni outlawed the Alessian Reform and put its major advocates to death. Direnni forces began to harass the Colovian West, pushing for the Heartland. Following the Direnni involvement in Cyrodiil, the Alessians began conquering territories of the Direnni Hegemony. By 1E 479, Craglorn had fallen to the Imperials.[3]

In 1E 482, he and his cousins Aiden Direnni and Raven Direnni, as well as other members of the clan such as Calani Direnni and Corvus Direnni took a major role in the historical Battle of Glenumbra Moors,[1][3] a battle fought between the Alessian Order and the Direnni of High Rock.[7][8][9] The battle ended in a decisive victory for the Direnni,[7] with Ryain, Aiden, and Raven Direnni hailed among their clan as heroes who brought an end to the Alessians' tyranny,[1][8] but it is remembered for its long-term consequences. The Alessian Order was expelled from High Rock and lost all ambition of conquering the region; indeed, so crushing was the loss that it was often considered a leading cause of the Order's decline and eventual dissolution, and ranked among the Order's greatest follies.[10][11] The Direnni were weakened to such an extent by the battle, however, that they were mostly driven from the province by the emerging Breton nobility by 1E 500. Pockets of High Rock remained under elven rule long afterward, but the Direnni Hegemony was irreparably broken.[10]