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Title Author Description Game(s)
The Cabin in the Woods Mogen Son of Molag A tale of a soldier and a sobbing ghost
Cadaver Preparation Findings A necromancers notes on Nordic mummification
Cadwell's Personal Anthem Sir Cadwell Sir Cadwell's unfinished song
Cage Bandit's Note A bandit's note on a sinister sword
The Cake and the Diamond Athyn Muendil An alchemist tricks a thief!
Calcinator Treatise Argonian secrets of proper Calcinator positioning
The Call Beyond Solis Aduro A religious passage from the Root-Whisper Tribe
A Call for Common Hair Anonymous A pamphlet addressing the extravagant hairstyles of the Abah's Landing nobility
Callisos' Lodestone Notes on a Master Bard's tool of choice
Call to the Faithful Prudentia Blaesus A call to religious followers
Call to the Faithful A notice to Khajiit about ruins to be explored
Caluurion's Notes Caluurion The ancient journal of a stranded dragon-slayer
The Cantatas of Vivec A book of gospels in the form of epic songs
Cantillon's Correspondence Margaux Cantillon A letter from a renowned Restoration healer regarding a gifted staff
Cap'n Dugal's Journal Torradan ap Dugal The last words of Captain Torradan ap Dugal, Scourge of the Abecean Sea
Capn's Guide to the Fishy Stick The definitive reference to fishy sticks throughout Tamriel
Captain Burwarah's Records Captain Burwarah A captain's log of an unfortunate voyage
Captain's Log of the Intrepid Guar Captain Turseth Garil A log of an ill-fated journey
Captured by the Dreadsails Sailor Lerisa Bruhl A sailor's account of being captured by Sea Elves
The Care and Feeding of Briarhearts A letter outlining the process of growing briar hearts and resurrecting Reachmen warriors
Care and Feeding of Swamp Jellies Aglindor the Black-Thumb A guidebook surrounding the swamp jelly
The Care and Feeding of Trolls Gulzog the Butcher A step-by-step guide to caring for nirncrux-infused trolls
Care of Kwama Cirantille A description of Kwama caring methods
A Case for Open Borders Kinlord Andurion A father's plea for his fellow Mer to open their minds
Cases of the Divine Prosecution High Magistrate Rinwaray, Bureaureeve of the Divine Prosecution A magistrate gives an overview of the Divine Prosecution's duties through a pair of case studies
Cassipia's Change of Heart Little Leaf, Seneschal to the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems Concerns on the goals of the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems
Castles and Coffers Volume III: Hel Ra Citadel On the mysterious Alik'r fortress Hel Ra Citadel
Catacombs of Cath Bedraud Victor Croquel A history on the cemetery at Cath Bedraud
Catalogue of Afflictions in the City An outline of the most common afflictions in the Clockwork City
Catalogue of Armor Enchantments Yvonne Bienne, Synod researcher An incomplete list of all the spells and armor used in enchanting
Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments Yvonne Bienne, Synod researcher An incomplete list of all the spells and weapons used in enchanting
Cat Food Rigurt the Brash A Nord's account of Khajiiti cuisine
Cathedral Hierarchy Chanter Amia A guide for novitiates at the Cathedral of Akatosh
Cats of Skyrim Aldetuile A brief treatise on the few felines that can be found in Skyrim
A Cat's Serenade (A Khajiiti Love Song)
Centurion's Signet A quote from the first Orcish Centurion in the Imperial Legion
Ceryolminwe's Translation Ceryolminwe A study of an ancient Ayleid text
Ceyran, Warlord of Rulanyil's Fall Merethic Society A short biography of a minor Ayleid warlord
The Challenge at Bloody Knoll A tale surrounding the origins of the Shatul clan
Chamberlain Haskill Answers Your Questions Chamberlain Haskill Sheogorath's chamberlain answers questions on lore
Champions of Dra'bul The Wood Orc champions of Dra'bul and their feats of combat prowess
Champions of the Blessed Crucible A record of the Champions of the Blessed Crucible
Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions Chancellor Abnur Tharn Chancellor Abnur Tharn answers questions on lore
Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions 2 Chancellor Abnur Tharn Chancellor Abnur Tharn answers questions on lore
Chance's Folly Zylmoc Golge The folly of a double-crosser
The Changed Ones Story of how Boethiah refuted Trinimac
A Change in the Chimer Carlotta Maro, Alessia's Chosen A documentation of the curse from Red Mountain
Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm Doctor Rhythandius An academic study into Daedric summoning and Azure Plasm
Charge of the Welkynar A poem dedicated to the famous Gryphon Knights of Cloudrest
Charwich-Koniinge Letters Charwich and Koniinge Letters sent between Charwich and Koniinge about their search for Azura's Star
Chaurus Pie: A Recipe Nils A recipe for a pie from chaurus meat
Cheeses of Skyrim B. Notable cheeses of Skyrim
Cheeses of Tamriel Master Chef Gilbard Larocque An exploration of the cheeses of Tamriel
Cherim's Heart of Anequina Livillus Perus, Professor at the Imperial University Interview with Cherim, a master tapestry weaver
Chest of Condemnation Auctioneer Portia A transcription of an auction for a cursed chest
Chestplate of Desiccation Wuja-Nakal An interview with a former Argonian slave surrounding a Telvanni torture device
Cheydinhal Heir Saved! A newspaper article on the rescue of Farwil Indarys
Children of the All-Maker Tharstan of Solitude An outsider's accounting of the Skaal
Children of the Root Solis Aduro An Argonian creation myth from the Adzi-Kostleel tribe
Children of the Sky A description of the Nords and the Thu'um
Children of the Wind A poem about white sycamore trees
A Child's Play Excerpt from an unofficial biography of the Green Lady, Gwaering
A Child's Tamriel Bestiary Shane gro-Orath (Clever, no? Ha, ha!) A children's rhyming alphabet book
Chim-el Adabal: A Ballad A poem surrounding the creation of the Chim-el Adabal
The Chim-el Adabal Mannimarco Mannimarco's musings on the Amulet of Kings and its red diamond
Chime of the Endless Notes on a Khajiiti Claw-Dance chime
Chimere's Journal Chimere Graegyn A hastily scribbled journal entry by a man in despair
Chimes of Silver Geem-Shah, Singing Mouth of the Naka-Desh Tribe A recollection of Kothringi music
Chirrhari's Notes Apprentice Chirrhari Research notes of the types of fungi grown in the Everwound Wellspring
The Chopping Block Kajuld Blackfox A Nord teaches his younger brother how to wield an axe
The Chorrol Crier A collection of newsletters documenting the Soulburst and the tragic aftermath
The Chosen People of Aldmeris Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea An alternate history of the Maormer
Chosen Warrior Inscriptions Inscriptions instructing the Chosen Warrior through the trials of the Halls of the Highmane
Chronicles of Ehtelar The tale of two Alik'r caravaneers and their ill-fated trek into an Ayleid ruin
Chronicles of Juha-ri The story of an acolyte's journey to learn the Dance of Shadows
The Chronicles of King Kurog Zephrine Frey, Chronicler of Wayrest A Covenant spy recounts Kurog gro-Bagrakh's rise to power
Chronicles of Nchuleft An Anonymous Altmer A historical chronicle of events in the Dwemer Freehold Colony of Nchuleft
Chronicles of the Five Companions The personal recollections of the Five Companions
Cicero's Journal Cicero The personal chronicle of a Dark Brotherhood assassin
Cindanwe's Notebook Cindanwe The journal of a paranoid High Elf
Ciphers of the Eye Leramil the Wise A scholar's account of a group of mortals found in Apocrypha
A Citizen's Petition Adan Kordrel A letter addressed to the Blackcaster Mages Guild regarding a missing person
The City of Stone Amanda Alleia A mercenary's guide to Markarth
Civility and Etiquette Coristir An Altmer guidebook outlining the correct social protocols when dealing with various peoples and beings
Clan of the White Bear A set of guidelines followed by the White Bear clan
Clans of Eastmarch: The Direfrost A brief history of the Direfrost clan
Clans of the Reach: A Guide Ehcelmo A cautionary guide to three Reachmen clans
Cleansing of the Fane Fragmented script from a member of the Alessian Order
Clever Kail-Perwa and the Great Boast Nalae-Polek, Poet Laureate to Potentate Versidue-Shaie
The Cliff-Strider Song An ode to Vvardenfell's reptilian creatures
Clockwork Apostle Poetry Collective A selection of poetry written during a creative thought initiative
Closing the Octal Cage Notes on the Octal Cage and preventing the Planemeld
Clothier: Light Armor Basics Lady Eloisse, Fifth Countess Manteau A brief description of light armor
A Clothier's Primer the Shattered Masque A beginner's guidebook to crafting reliable footwear
The Code of Malacath Amanda Alleia, Mercenary A description of life in an average Orc Stronghold
The Code of Mauloch A description of the unwritten rules of the Orcs
Code of the Baandari Pedlars Semsirr-dar of the Road The laws of the Baandari Code
Cohort Briefing: Arenthia Centurion Iunius Ocella An Imperial officer's briefing on the planned occupation of Arenthia
The Coiled Path On the Ghost Snake
Coils of the Father A short text on the god Auri-El
The Coldharbour Compact A poem on Sotha Sil's mysterious First Era agreement with the Daedric Princes
Coldwind's Skull The tale of King Torug's legendary snow bear
The Collected Theory Hypothesis On the Collective Consciousness Theorem as an explanation for the disappearance of Falinesti
The Colorful Khajiit Eutropia Laetonius An author's description of a Dagi village
The Colossus of Gonfalon Bay Miramel Charascel, Chairperson of the Gonfalon Bay Historical and Social Society History behind the construction of the Colossus of Gonfalon Bay
Coming of the Learned One A Firstmage account of the Celestial Mage's arrival to the Aetherian Archive
Comments of Maxence, banker Maxence A banker's thoughts on the prosperity the Daggerfall Covenant has brought
Comments of Nilmila Aravel, guar-herd Nilmila Aravel A Dunmer's thoughts on her homeland
Commodore's Diary Commodore Malfairre A commodore's plan to evade his pursuers using deep druid magic
Common Arms of Valenwood Mistral Aurelian Teriscor An overview of Bosmeri philosophy regarding weapons and armaments
Confessions Of A Khajiit Fur Trader The Fur Trader A Khajiit's memoir of the black market fur trade
Confessions of a Skooma-Eater Tilse Sendas A narrative of a cured skooma addict
Confessions of a Thief Anonymous Some comments from a thief about the Thieves Guild
The Conquests of Hubalajad How Abah's Landing gained its name
The Consecrations of Arkay Punctilius Tyrus The beliefs and practices of the Order of Arkay
The Consolations of Prayer A prayerbook for Blessed Almsivi, Triune Grace, and all the hosts of saints
The Containment Apparatus Pentarch Cievernes Research notes on a Dwemer device in the Library of Arkthzand
Convergence of Maestros Hartlin Treg Meeting minutes from a Maestro summit
Conversation with Adibazzi, Trader Adibazzi The frustrations of a Khajiiti merchant when dealing with Bosmer
Conversation with An-Meeus An-Meeus An Argonian's musings on the virtues of a simple mud hut
Conversation with Antelas, Wood Elven scout Antelas A Bosmer's thoughts on the Alliance War
Conversation with Manashir-do, browsing market stalls Manashir-do The opinions of a Khajiit looking for suitable armor
Conversation with Olugush, Covenant soldier Olugush An Orcish soldier's thoughts on membership in the Daggerfall Covenant
A conversation with Orbath gro-Agdurz Orbath gro-Agdurz An Orc suspects necromancy occurring on Betnikh
Conversation with Shamunur Shamunur A Khajiiti diplomat's thoughts on Bosmeri culture
Coral's Revenge A poem dedicated to Coral
Corpse Preparation How to obtain and prepare a corpse for necromantic purposes
Correct Ways of Slaying Ra-Netu: 12 An Ash'abah text describing a ritualistic beheading
Corruption of the Blood A True Son of Aldmeris A bigoted essay chastising the various races of elves
Countess Caro's Birthday Primus Falto, Countess Caro's Majordomo A description of the extravagance of Countess Caro's birthday celebrations
The Count's Boar Hunt Albanus Caudex An unsent letter about a close call during a boar hunt
Crafting Motifs Various A series about weapon and armor styles of Tamriel
Crafting with Netch Leather Alma Merisan A guide to crafting with Netch Leather
Cries from Empty Mouths Varederil, Psijic Order Translation of prose from the Sinestral Elves
Crimes of the Daggerfall Covenant Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination Dominion propaganda decrying the Covenant
The Criminal Mind Scholar Mingalion A study of the brain and criminal behavior
The Crimson Dirks Gathers-the-Coin The story of a notorious group of bandits
Critter Dangers: Telvanni Peninsula Tel Varano A guide to some of the creatures found around the Telvanni Peninsula
Crow and Raven: Three Short Fables A series of morals
Crow Bringer A record of the second Champion of the Blessed Crucible
The Crowned Dragon Auguthan Corovel An excerpt from the Hagiography of Durcorach the Black Drake
The Crown of Freydis Taleon Mythmaker A history of the second royal crown of Skyrim
Crow's Spell of Binding A Daedric incantation
Crumpled Arena Flyer Dredaza the Ringmaster A Daedric flyer from the occupied Imperial City
Crush, Slash, Bash, and Stab Weapon-master Grutsug A warrior's musing on various combat styles
Crypt of the Heart - Draft Ariana Dumas A tale of a spell-knight's haunting
The Crystal of the Tower Larnatille of Lillandril, Sapiarch of Arcanology A scholarly essay on the Crystal Tower and Transparent Law
Cub Tales Ezzag A children's tale surrounding the creation of the Khajiiti race
A Culinary Adventure Rallaume Lemonds, Culinary Crusader A gourmand's experiences with Argonian cuisine
Curano's Journal Curano The journal of an Ayleid warrior of Delodiil
Curator's List of Sought-After Relics Curator Umutha A list of various prized artifacts and their last known location
A Cure for Lycanthropy Archivist Ernarde of the Silver Dawn A lycanthropy researcher's journal
The Currency of Secrets Cipher Plautis The value of secrets amongst the Ciphers of the Eye
The Curse of Beela-Kaar Sil Rothril The history of a mad Argonian sorcerer
The Curse of Blackscale Island A chapter from an adventure story