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Sealord Malleroth
Race Maormer Gender Male
Born Pyandonea

Sealord Malleroth of Pyandonea was a member of the Maormer High Command. He was active in 2E 582, during the Interregnum and was responsible for the brief alliance between Pyandonea and Veiled Queen Estre.[1]


Maormeri vessel used during the invasion of Auridon

Little is known of the early life of Malleroth. He hailed from Pyandonea, the ancestral home of the Sea Elves. At some point prior to 2E 582 he became a part of Maormer High Command,[1] a faction of significant importance in Pyandonea.[2]

South Beacon Lighthouse

As a member of the High Command he was responsible for establishing the pact with Estre of Veiled Heritance, wherein the two factions would cooperate in the conquest of the Auridon. The Maormer fleet planned to use South Beacon, a lighthouse in southern Auridon northwest of the city of Vulkhel Guard, as a staging area for their occupation. They established control of the lighthouse and placed a powerful magical ward that limited entry to all but their most trusted agents.[1]

Estre in exchange was responsible for supplying encoded, detailed information regarding the navigation of Auridon Strait and the scheduled fleet movements of Altmer naval vessels in the area to the Maormer agents. In exchange, Estre would become viceroy of Auridon under Maormer suzerainty, although Estre had no intention of allowing this to come to pass.[1] Their plans were foiled by the loyalists of Queen Ayrenn and the Vestige. The Maormer forces lost control over the Lighthouse and were driven out of Auridon.[3] In the same year Estre was killed in the city of Firsthold.[4]

He also penned The Chosen People of Aldmeris in which he presented the Maormer point of view regarding their Aldmeri roots. He believed that Maormer were direct descendants of the Aldmer and that Altmeri beliefs regarding their heritage are false.[5]

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